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The Worlds Most Dangerous Game? | The Elevator Ritual: Step by Step Guide, Rules & Tips

31 Oct 2017

The Elevator Ritual Game is thought to have originated from a Korean Website, although this is not confirmed and some think it was first featured in a comic. One thing is for sure there are people who have tried it and had some terrifying experiences, and several of these have appeared on Reddit and other social media sites.

The game came to prominence in 2000 following the release of a video featuring Elisa Lam in an elevator acting erratically shortly before her death, leading many to believe she was carrying out the ritual.

The game aims to take the player from our realm into another dimension…..

Here we look at the Do’s and Don’t’s of the game and the steps to follow to make it to another world successfully!

Proceed with caution….

This is a solo game, and only one person should attempt the ritual if more than one is present the game won’t work!

Choose a building that is at least ten stories high, preferably at night when the building is virtually empty, also ensure it has an elevator in good working order that has at least 10-floor capacity.

Failure to adhere to these three basic requirements will mean automatic failure. Once you have selected a suitable building, the following steps need to be followed to the letter.

After entering the building call the lift, if there is anyone in it do not proceed, do not enter the lift unless you are alone.

  1. Press button to the floor 4
  2. When you reach the fourth floor, let the doors open but do not get out, remain in the elevator and press button to floor 2
  3. At the second floor stay in the elevator and press button to floor 6
  4. At the sixth floor, remain in the elevator and press button to floor 2
  5. At the second floor, stay in the elevator and press button to floor 10
  6. When you reach the tenth floor, remain in the elevator and press button to floor 5
  7. On the fifth floor, a young woman may enter the elevator. Do not look at her; do not speak to her. She is not what she seems!
  8. Quickly press the button for floor 1. If the elevator begins climbing to the tenth floor instead of descending to the first, you may proceed…. If the elevator descends to the first floor, exit as soon as the doors open. Do not look back. Do not speak!
  9. If you reach the tenth floor, you may get out of the elevator or choose to stay on it. If you do get off, and the woman did  enter the elevator on the fifth floor, she will ask you…Where are you going? Do NOT answer her. Do NOT look at her!
  10. You will know whether you have arrived at the Otherworld; You will be the only person in it!

Things to be aware of..

The Return Trip

If you stay on the elevator at the tenth floor:

  1. Press the button for floor 1. If it doesn’t work, don’t panic KEEP pressing it until it does.
  2. When the elevator reaches floor 1, EXIT as soon as the doors open. Do not look back. Do not speak.

If you exit the elevator at the tenth floor.

If you have successfully reached the Otherworld, when you step out of the elevator it will look identical to the world you just left, however there will be two things to look out for:

  • There will be no light
  • When you look out the window you will see a red cross in the distance.

Don’t try and video your experience as electronic devices mobile phones, cameras, etc. don’t work. If they do, you have not reached the Otherworld!

  • Be watchful and alert at all times
  • If you faint or pass out during the game; you will probably wake up in your own home.
  • If this happens be sure to thoroughly examine your surroundings as the home you wake up in may not be the one you are used to!

Getting back to your own world may be more difficult than it seems: You may become confused and forget which elevator you arrived in; the elevator may seem also seem to be out of reach and get further and further away as you walk towards it. Persevere you will reach it!

  1. You MUST use the same elevator to return as the one in which you arrived.
  2. When you enter the elevator, press the buttons in the same order you did in steps 2 through to 8 on your journey out…….You should finish on floor 5
  3. When you reach the fifth floor, press the button for floor 1. The elevator will again begin to climb to the tenth floor. Press ANY other floor buttons to cancel the ascension. You MUST do this before you reach floor 10!

When you reach the first floor, check your surroundings carefully. If anything seems strange even the minutest detail, do NOT exit! If you think something is wrong, repeat step 2 until your surroundings look as they should. Once you are confident you have returned to your own world, you may safely leave the elevator.

When and IF you return to the real world be sure to share your experience with Top5s!

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