The Real Sixth Sense: 5 Children Who Claim They Could See Dead People

30 Apr 2017

M. Night Shyamalan’s 1999 intense thriller The Sixth Sense, about a young boy who can communicate with ghosts has become a horror classic. The juxtaposition of a child being able to communicate with the deceased is truly unsettling, but what’s even more unsettling is that there are several cases throughout history of children claiming to do just that. Here are five children who claimed they could see dead people.

5Jadon & Lucy Billington

When Pam Billington was awoken one night by her ten-year-old son, Jadon, excitedly claiming that he’d just spoken to an “angel” in his bedroom she chalked it up to her son simply having a vivid dream and put him back to bed.

Pam grew suspicious, however, when the following morning her eight-year-old daughter, Lucy, who sleeps in a separate bedroom to Jadon, also told her that she too had seen an angel in her room the previous night.

As time went on the two children would tell their mother more and more encounters they claimed to be having with people in the home that Pam simply couldn’t see. The two young children would describe details that their unseen friends had told them that they would have no way of knowing, such as job titles that a young child would have no idea of.

The kids continued talking to the unseen people even when the family moved house from Manchester to Sandbach. One night, Pam asked her son to ask the spirits to prove they were really there, and Pam claims that after Jadon had asked the question, an unseen force grabbed her leg, and the TV turned itself off.

Pam went on national TV in 2014 and had television crews follow her kids around the house while they pointed out where the ghosts hide in the families’ house.

4Andye Murphy

Andye Murphy describes herself as a “spiritual councillor”, offering help and assistance to those who are experiencing difficulties with the paranormal. Andye took up this role due to her own alleged confusing and frightening experiences she had as a child.

According to Andye, she was able to communicate with a ghost called “Harold” who haunted her Grandmother’s apartment in Iowa when she was just five years old, he would allegedly mess with electronic appliances and move objects around in an attempt to gain attention.

Andye claims she didn’t truly become aware of her gifts, however, until she was 6 when she claims that while she and her father were at a house viewing, she walked into a bedroom and immediately became overcome with a fear and panic so intense that she stopped breathing, and her father had to take her outside. They later learned a brutal triple murder took place in that very room.

Andye now has her own website, where she hopes to educate the public and offer guidance and support to anyone who has had the same strange experiences she claims to have had.

3Adrian Thompson

Young parents Kelsey and Ross Thompson were determined to raise their young son, Adrian, the right way. The parents from New Brunswick followed every step in the parenting books, until one day, they were confronted with something that no book could have prepared them for...

After moving into an apartment previously owned by her sister, Adrian, on his first very visit, began to say “Hi” to people his parents couldn’t see, although they gave no thought to it at first.

Then, after a few weeks in the apartment, the parents were perplexed when not only did Adrian continue to speak to the invisible people, but they also began to hear footsteps in the house, and Adrian’s toys would be moved around the house, put into places that he physically could not reach.

One night, Kelsey heard Adrian laughing hysterically in his bedroom, and when she went up to investigate, she was horrified to see another young boy sitting on Adrian’s bed, apparently playing with him, the boy then vanished into thin air.

Kelsey went on the TV show “Ghostly Encounters” to tell her story, and she revealed that Adrian still communicates with his invisible friend.


From the age of only four months, the parents of Carissa noticed something odd about their little girl.

The infant would laugh and giggle at something that only she could see, and as she got older and learned to talk she began to shed some light on what she was experiencing. The young girl told her family that she was communicating with entities she merely called, “them”.

What’s remarkable in this case, however, is that there is actual photographic proof and lots of it. From the ages of 4 months to 5 years photographs taken of Carissa have shown strange tubes of light, always hovering around the child. In some cases, Carissa can even be seen to be looking directly at the anomalies.

The photographs, taken from 1994-1997 and on several different cameras in various locations, have been analysed by experts, but they have been unable to definitively say what the strange lights are.

1The Ammons Haunting

All children have imaginary friends, so when Latoya Ammons noticed her nine-year-old daughter sitting alone and speaking to someone she couldn’t see, she thought it was harmless... She was wrong.

Not long after the appearance of this imaginary friend, Latoya reported to the Indiana Star newspaper that her family would be plagued by loud footsteps at night, swarms of flies would appear from nowhere, and her children would apparently become possessed by some demonic presence, which gave them unnaturally deep voices and “evil smiles”.

Eventually, as neighbours began to grow concerned over the family, the police and child services were called, which is when Latoya went public with her accounts. She and her family soon moved out of the house, and deputies from the Indiana police department who investigated the case noted that if this was a hoax, the family had gone through a tremendous amount of trouble to pull it off.

So, the next time someone tells you they have an imaginary friend, maybe sleep with the lights on.

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