Strange Things Have Been Happening in my House After a Suicide… – Top5s

Strange Things Have Been Happening in my House After a Suicide…

15 Sep 2017

Dear Top 5s, I’m writing to you about a weird experience I’ve had in my house…. see, my uncle died from suicide in February, and since then strange things have been happening in my house. Me and my girlfriend have seen shadows in the house move but nothing of the shape of the shadow in the room where it was. Also while I was on holiday, my Mum was home alone when three pictures dropped from the wall on the same night. One of them was about having good friends, one about imperfection and the other about family. Weirdly we had always said that my Uncle was a good friend, he had no imperfections and was obviously family.

That same night, the cross we have hanging upside down turned to the correct way! And when I returned home as I was putting a disc of the series, Supernatural, in the player, it kept opening and closing. So I took the disc out, and the DVD player closed and didn’t open again by itself.

My girlfriend has also felt cold spots in the house and has felt something touch her.

I am confused about this situation; I don’t know if it’s my imagination or not. I’m hoping to hear if anyone has had any similar experiences after a relative has passed.