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No One Believed I’d Seen A Ghost…Until The Truth Came Out Years Later!

05 Oct 2017

I always had lots of paranormal experience when I was young, but no one in my family believed me, but one incident turned out to be credible after all although I didn’t find out until many years later…..

I was living in an apartment with my grandparents with my younger brother and our Aunts and Uncles until the age of 12; my Grandparents had rented the apartment since my Aunts and Uncles were young children, and they never experienced any unusual activities… However, I had always felt scared and uneasy when I had to go to the bathroom.

The bathroom was next to the kitchen which is at the end of a long corridor from the living room, so when we had the air conditioning on in the living room, we closed the door before the corridor to keep the room cool.

One night as usual I needed to go to the bathroom, and I always wanted someone to go with me and stay outside the door due to my fearful feeling. So I called my brother who moaned and declared there’s nothing to be afraid of! Anyhow, I opened the door to the corridor, and I saw a figure dash from the bathroom on the left-hand side at the end of the corridor and past the kitchen to the right which is where the stove is. I was terrified and told what I saw to my Aunts and Brother, and as usual, they just brushed it off as my paranoia.

Years after when I invited my family to my graduation from University, we sat to lunch at a restaurant, and somehow the topic came up of how I always told my family about seeing ghosts, and I told the above experience again. To our surprise, my Granddad said it was not a shock to him, and he went on to tell us that the previous tenant actually killed himself in the bathtub in that bathroom, and as a result, my Granddad was able to rent the apartment cheaply.

Even my Grandma did not know about this and questioned why he hadn’t told them the history before….. to which he replied, “would any of them want to live there if he had told them that someone killed themselves in the apartment?”