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My Young Daughter Was Taken Over By A Frightening Stickman

23 Oct 2017

I don’t want to leave my name, but this is the story of my families time with Mr Stitch.

Six years ago me and my two young children moved to Somerset after the death of my wife. My kids 6 and 12 at the time moved into our new house, and things immediately started to go wrong. At first it was just a strange feeling we all had in the house, but then my six year old became really withdrawn, and at first, I assumed it was because of the loss of her mother but as time went on she got worse, she’d not eat and only spent time alone
in her room.

About a month after we moved in I found the first picture, it was just a stick figure with claws for hands and a hat my daughter called him Mr Stitch, and that’s all she’d draw. The usual pictures of her family had disappeared and had been replaced by Mr Stitch.

At first, I just ignored it, but things started getting worse, things would happen in the house, like a mirror breaking and my daughter would blame it on Mr Stitch or her sister’s favourite teddy being taken and hidden. I know this sounds like a cheesy horror movie you’d find on the Scifi channel but every word of it is the truth.

Around about the six-month mark in our new home was when things got really bad! My youngest daughters room was full of these photos, and she’d started talking to Mr Stitch. I’d walk past as she was talking and she’d notice and immediately stop. But when her older sister had overheard her one night I knew something really bad was happening, and me even writing this makes me feel physically terrified….. but she heard her saying
“Mr Stitch I can’t hurt my sister she’s nice, why don’t you like her.”

When I heard this, I grabbed both my children and left the house.Now I’m not a religious man, I have never believed in Ghosts or entities but I went to a spiritualist church and explained what was happening to anyone who would listen in the hopes I’d get some kind of help, and this man walked up to me and said something black had attached it’s self to my family, and we should never return to the house. He asked us to go with him so he could clean our aura’s. (Which to this day I don’t know what this means)

So we did, he even went to the extreme of burning our clothes, we never returned to the home, and we don’t speak of what happened, the last I had heard was the house we lived in had burned down!