About Us

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re not the feint of heart. You KNOW things go bump in the night when they shouldn’t, when no one else is home, when your dog starts to growl at “nothing”.

And that fact drives you mad with curiosity.

You don’t get scared easily though, you let your curiosity lead you all the way down the rabbit hole, no matter where it ends up.

So whether it’s creepypasta like alien abductions, the latest slenderman sighting, a Ouija board come alive… or something more benign and unusual, like the mandela effect, you get excited and curious where most other people are left either scratching their heads or running in terror.

We made this magazine, for people like YOU.

Because we all get bored with the same pointless meme’s, day in and day out. Our news feeds are filled up with friend’s baby photos, meaningless quotes, or worse… POLITICAL posts….

We’re here to satisfy your hunger for the macabre, the unusual, for REAL LIFE STORIES that continue to defy explanation.

Topics, photos, and videos that make us question the existing presence: the natural order of things, the nature of human experience, and the reality of life after death.

We’re excited to share with you all the things that make our hair stand on end, that gives us goosebumps imagining it’s a reality.

We get to actually work on and research the stuff that mainstream science files into their exceptions folder and then forgets.

Tell your friends and let’s all take this chance to find out what happens when the lights go out.

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