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I Saw The Same Ghost That Photobombed Family Snap At Roundhay Park

28 Oct 2017

It must have been back in 2010, my four friends and me were in our 2nd to last year of high school so we would have been 14 or 15 years old. We’d gotten into the habit of having a film night at the end of every term, and this time we were having it at my parent’s place near Roundhay Park in Leeds UK. It was mid-December, so the nights came in early, and after watching Pandorum and the Human Centipede 2 we thought it might be a good idea to get out the house for a bit, and I suggested we go to the park. We must have been there about an hour and a half, so while we were there, it became dark.

There two lakes at Roundhay, one big and one small – as we were walking up a pathway between the two (away from the big lake, toward the small one) we all stopped because about 100m in front of us, we saw something really weird and it certainly freaked me out.

We all described it later as what looked like a woman in a white flowing dress. It moved very smoothly, almost like it was gliding and after watching it for maybe 15-20 seconds, it just faded. Needless to say, when we walked up to where it had been, there was nothing there. All of us saw whatever it was and described it as the same – a woman in a what flowing dress. We looked up Ghost sighting and deaths that happened at the park but found nothing regarding a woman in white. A few people had been killed by the Yorkshire Ripper there so we thought it could have been the ghost of one of the victims.

Fast forward a few years to 2016, a work colleague and myself are telling stories about ghost encounters we’ve had, so I told him about the woman in white. He looked at me surprised and began talking about an article he’d read on an online site about a family who had visited Roundhay Park. They had wanted to take a photo by the folly built to look like an old castle gate, which is found at the foot of the big lake. After arriving home, the family looked back at the photos and noticed something they hadn’t while at the park. Take a look below.

That looks a lot to me like a woman in a white flowing dress. It creeps me out, but I’m glad that this article came out because it has given me closure that what we saw that night was real. And ghosts maybe an unexplained phenomena, we don’t fully understand what they are, but they exist none the less.