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Help! Did I Witness Shadow People?

12 Nov 2017

Hello, my name is Keara, and I’m 22. I have an interesting/weird story to share that I really haven’t shared anywhere else for fear of being mocked. I hope to find open minded people to help me figure out what it was that I saw.

The story starts about 14 years ago, back when I was in 4th grade. My best friend at the time, Danielle, lived a few houses down from me and during the summer we were constantly at each other’s houses. We did typical kind things, played with toys, rode bikes, built forts, etc. We would stay the night at each other’s houses as well, we would normally alternate nights, but I always ended up staying the night at her house.

So that night was just like the others. We played with our dolls in the living room while her grandparents watched the news. The front room was pretty big, with two small couches and two recliners. There was a window facing the front of the house, towards the road, and one facing her small backyard. One couch was right below the front window, the other against the wall between the windows with the recliners along the other wall. Once her grandparents had finished watching the news we had the whole room to ourselves and with it the control of the remote. We fell asleep watching some Disney channel show that I can’t remember anymore. But what happened next has stuck with me forever.

I woke up very late into the night, probably around twelve or one on the clock. The room was dark and quiet, Danielle had most likely turned off the TV before I had fallen asleep. She was sleeping on the couch below the window, and I was on the other one with a clear view of both windows. I always had a hard time falling asleep, so I got up and walked around the house for a bit. I wandered through her kitchen and into the dining room, which happened to be right next to the living room. Her cat had a small bed that she loved to sleep on against the window facing the road and was sitting up in it when I walked into the room. And then the cycle of pacing began, walking from the living room, into the kitchen, into the dining room, and back.

In between, I would stop and pet her cat, who was just chilling in her bed and purring when I would pet her. About a half hour of this went by when I was in the living room and heard a hiss from the cat. I figured someone let their dog out, and the cat was spooked, but I was curious and walked through the living room and into the dining room. I peered out the window and froze.

On my friend’s front step was a large black silhouette, it looked almost like a bowling pin. It had a round head, small skinny neck, and a large cylindrical body. It was surrounded by smaller shadows that looked just like it. As I watched it the cat let out another loud hiss. Slowly, very slowly, the large shadow started to rotate, like it was going to face us. The cat let out a startled hiss and jumped from the bed at the same time I dropped to the floor in fear that this thing would see me. The house was silent, and the cat ran into the kitchen, seemingly spooked too. I don’t remember how long I was on the floor but when I mustered up the courage to look out the window again it, and the other shadows were gone. I ran back to the couch where I burrowed under a blanket, hiding from whatever it was until I fell asleep.

I told my friend what happened, but she thought I just saw the neighbour’s cat or an owl sitting on the front step. I insisted that it wasn’t one of those, but she still brushed it off and mocked me whenever she could think about it. But I KNOW it wasn’t either of those animals, and it wasn’t her brothers pranking me either. There was no way that someone could sneak up to the front step without me seeing and place something there. And if they did why were there several other smaller ones there too? The cat also seemed genuinely scared, and not like it would if another cat was there.
So does anyone have an idea of what I could have seen? I live in the suburbs of western Pennsylvania on a quiet street with very little activity. I’ve included a small picture of a drawing I did of the creature. If anyone has any serious idea, I would like to hear it.