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My Experience with a Ghost Creeping Around the Bedroom…

03 Oct 2017

My name is Adelaide and at age 15 I had lived in 13 different houses (my family rented) and I didn’t believe in ghosts at this stage because I’d never had any sort of experience with them. Although I was open to it. The first night we moved into this house, I was 15, and my younger sister was 12. On the first night sleeping there I hadn’t put my bed together, so I just slept on my mattress on the floor. I had two cats then, and one of them was curled up on the end of my bed.
I then started hearing whispering in my right ear (I can only explain it like an earphone in one ear) My left ear wasn’t hearing anything at all which freaked me out, then I saw my cat was hissing and growling at something behind me. His eyes were so big, and he was so frightened!

The whispering went on for 40 seconds or so. I couldn’t make out what this thing was saying to me. ANYWAY! The next night I experienced the same thing, and I ran to my mum’s room and asked my dad to sleep in my bed so I could sleep with my mum. (I know!).

As I was falling asleep, I heard my dad come back into the room after 2 hours of me being there, and he was walking around the bed like he was looking for something and my eyes were shut the whole time. He then walked around to my mum’s side of the bed then my side again and was repeating this a couple of times so I finally opened my eyes to ask what he was looking for (by this stage he was standing really close to my head) and there was no one there……… I sat straight up and saw a shadow across the room on the wall, I got out of bed and ran to my room, and my dad’s in my bed asleep……. That was the moment I realised ghosts existed, and I’m being haunted.

We lived there for nine months, and I have way too many stories to tell you but the one that stood out was when my friend slept over and we were kind of wanting some ghostly things to happen, but that night nothing did.
In the morning, we woke up early and the sun was shining in my room. (all doors were shut) (in my room I had three doors, one leading to the lounge room, one to my sister’s room and one to the kitchen) We rolled towards each other to say good morning, and in that second my bed started violently shaking, so much so I could feel my wooden boards under my bed shifting and bumping.

It went on for 10 seconds or so, and I couldn’t even breathe I was so scared. What it felt like to me was someone was lying under my bed kicking and punching the boards extremely hard. After it stopped my friend and I had the courage to look under my bed (I know, horror movie moment) And all there was, was my bag full of clothing. That was so violent, and throughout nine months I constantly felt like ‘it’ wanted me out of their house.
If you want any more stories, I have many more from that place. And nothing has happened since we moved out of there!

Anyone else experienced anything like this?