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Ghost Caught On Camera At Bannack, Montana Jailhouse?

13 Nov 2017

Hello Top5s! My name is Andrew, and I am a recent new subscriber to your youtube channel. I fell in love with the honest content that you create for your viewers, and as of today, I came across your video titled “5 Terrifying Paranormal Stories, Videos & Photographs | Viewer Submissions.” Throughout the video, you kept an open mind to the possibility of each submission to be genuine, and I thought that out of any paranormal channel, you would be the best at hearing my paranormal experience with an open mind.

So if you have time, I would really appreciate you taking some time to look at this photo that our family took back in 2006, and l will explain with as much detail as I can the context of said photo…

So back in 2006, My mother, Step-father, older sister, younger sister and I all took a quick trip to Bannack Montana on February 19th. Living in Butte Montana, Bannack is about a 61 Mile drive and is nestled about 20 minutes west of Dillon Montana. As you may know already, Bannack is notorious for being one of the most haunted Ghost Towns in all of Montana and was even featured on an episode of Ghost Adventures back in 2014. Sightings of paranormal activity have been recorded since the 1800’s, and tours are consistently led through the abandoned city, and our family was the first in line for one of those tours on this day.

Being winter in the middle of February, temperatures were nearly 0 degrees, so we were the only tourists in the city during the time this photo was taken. What you see in the photo is an abandoned jailhouse, where inmates were forced to overlook their upcoming fate, as executions by hanging were able to be witnessed through the two front windows.

When this photo was taken, my stepfather was behind the camera while my younger and older sister were exploring a nearby building. This leaves my mother and I posing in front of this window. But if you look closely, something else is clearly in the frame. Now to this day, my whole family is 100% certain that there was nobody else with us during the tour, but you can clearly see a person standing behind my mother to the top right corner of the window.
I can make out distinct features including glasses, and even clothing. I’ve posted this photo on other paranormal websites, but of course simple explanations such as double exposure, reflections, photo editing, etc. are the only responses I ever received.
But closely looking at this photo easily debunks them all, as there is no glass to cause reflection and the figure should resemble either my mother or me more to conclude double exposure.

When it comes to photo editing, I can sincerely tell you that that is not the case. This photo is genuine, and to this day, we can’t explain the figure. I invite you to please look closely at this photo and offer any explanations that you might have. And I will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have if you need more detail or context.

P.S. Check out a book by the name of “Ghost Stories of the Rocky Mountains”, written by Barbara Smith. On page 209, a section called “Jailhouse Haunts” features this exact same jailhouse in a picture……What creeps me out is that I read this article years after the photo was taken.