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Creepy Nights At The Museum Of Welsh Life in Cardiff

16 Oct 2017

My original plan in life towards the end of my teens was to go to university and become a teacher but after my first year I realised it wasn’t for me and so I dropped out. Needing work fast, my friend said he could get me a job with his security company and after applying I started work a few days later. I worked mostly factories and warehouses for a while until I found myself working at the Museum of Welsh Life, St. Fagans in Cardiff.

If you’ve never been there then the museum is constructed like a small village with houses and shops having been moved from their original locations and reassembled on the site. The site itself was also the scene of a medieval battle so it is little wonder that many psychics have said over the years that the site’s energy feels disturbed.

I started working there in 2006 not long after my company took over the contract providing three guards a night to patrol the grounds. By the time I had arrived the site had already seen a high turnover of guards because of the sheer amount of walking that was expected although having grown up in the Welsh valleys I was used to walking everywhere. The stories of ghostly goings on had also started at this point. One guard left the site mid-shift because he had seen a woman in the window of the main building although everyone else who went to investigate thought it was a mannequin.

After a month, a pretty solid team had formed at the site including myself and as we got to know one another we began to feel more comfortable sharing stories. One of our guys told me one night that he saw a red orb floating between the trees outside the main building. A common thing for us to see would be the toilet light sensors trip and come on although when we opened them up looking for an intruder we would never find anyone. One of the staff who worked directly for the museum also told us one night that a few years before, they had tried to open one of the houses but found the furniture had moved and wedged the door shut. It had been locked all night.

Me personally, I had seen a few odd things but nothing I would definitely class as paranormal. There was one house I had to pass on my rounds and I always had an image in my mind of an old woman watching me from the top window although I had never actually seen her. It was more like I was just aware of her but dismissed it as my imagination until another one of our team told me the same thing.

Then about 7-8 months after I started, I was walking along a dirt road on the far side of the site that was away from the main site. About halfway along the road I looked ahead and saw the outline of what I can only describe as two children. I saw them briefly but they were in old fashioned attire – one boy and one girl who was wearing a bonnet – but I couldn’t make out their faces. Before I could acknowledge them, they were gone. I am not afraid to admit I was more than a little rattled but it was nothing compared to what happened to me next.

A few weeks after that I was heading out of the security lodge on my way to carry out a patrol when my colleague asked me to swap patrol routes. I preferred his route so I agreed and we swapped. I finished what was his patrol route and started to make my way back to the lodge when all of a sudden, I heard a woman say my name in my right ear. It was so clear and precise that I would have bet everything I had she was there but after I spun around to look there was nothing. What was especially weird was that she used my full name not the shortened version that everyone calls me by. When I got back to the lodge I told my colleague that someone wasn’t happy we had swapped patrol routes and for the rest of my time there I never did it again.

About six months after that I found another job that better suited my needs and left which should have been the end of it. But, my wife likes to go to spiritualism nights at our community centre and one night I decided to go with her. The medium eventually came to me and asked me if I worked outside at night. I explained I had just changed jobs and used to do that. He then said to me, “there’s a little boy and a girl in spirit who liked you and wanted to play with you there. But you didn’t like seeing them so they went away.”

I probably don’t need to tell you I was quite unnerved at that.