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Anyone Else Had Any Weird Experiences At Heike’s Tomb, Michigan?

13 Nov 2017

I’ve been watching a lot of your videos on YouTube and have noted that you are incredibly good at digging up information and researching, so there’s something I’d really like you to check out for me since I’ve never been able to find much myself.

There’s this story my dad tells my sisters, brother and I about a place in Cheboygan, Michigan he and his friends all called Heike’s Tomb. He said that a long time ago a man named Henry Joseph Heike used to live in a house there with his family and one night the father went mad, killed his wife and three children, then threw them down the well. He then burnt the house down with him inside it.

Dad says when he was a teenager, he and his friends used to all pile up in the cab of a pickup truck and take the overgrown 2 track out there at night to party and hang out, drink, do drugs, etc. It was just old stone foundation and a stone circle just outside it, and they would build fires in it and sit around it for hours. My dad never liked building the fires, and said when ever he knelt down by the pit to light it, he’d get really uneasy and feel like he was gonna throw up. He said when 11 pm came around, nearly everyone would a find an excuse to leave and the group of people would thin out, but his group was always the last ones left – something he liked even less. When they went to leave at around midnight, every time without fail the truck or car would refuse to start, and someone would have to hope out, prop the hood open, and check for problems. But there was never anything wrong.

One night, they had the hood open and dad’s friend Timmy had his hands on the engine when the stick holding it up suddenly gave way and slammed the hood on his hands. Everyone rushed to help, but it took a few minutes to pry it open again to free him. They were getting back in when suddenly they heard loud engines speeding toward them from behind, and when they looked, they saw two old circular headlights coming fast towards them, looking like the car was going to hit them.

They jumped in and turned the key – it was then that the engine would start perfectly – and tore down the two track as fast as possible, the headlights behind them never more than ten feet away. But when they finally got back to the road, they’d look back and the headlights were gone and there was no one there.

For most of my life I dismissed this story as a tall tale my dad had made up just to scare us or just for fun. But then one night we had this thing called fieldstock, a music festival that used to happen once every year where everyone from the surrounding counties would show up and hang out and play music. There was a big bonfire and all of the adults and parents and children would sit or stand around it – a good hundred people or so – and we’d just sit and laugh and sing and tell stories with people we’d never met before, or people we knew but had long lost touch with.

Eventually my siblings and I were begging dad to tell everyone the story of Heike’s Tomb, and when he finally did, nearly every adult in their thirties or older were suddenly chipping in and adding to it with their own experiences, and most seemed surprised to learn that there were others who knew about the place. Apparently a decade or so ago, the entire area was bulldozed and construction began for new condos, but the cunstruction never finished and the area was abandoned.

I’ve tried looking everywhere for information about this place, but I’ve never found anything, and this is something that really fascinates my family. We’d like some answers as to whether or not the story is real, as well as some other accounts and history on the place.

Thanks so much.