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Recurring Old Hag Dream and Sleep Paralysis?

24 Oct 2017

My story may seem very farfetched to anyone who doesn’t believe in supernatural events, but I believe I have had multiple supernatural encounters and will talk about two of them.

The first was a reoccurring dream I had when I was a child, about an old hag who constantly tried to kill me with a butcher’s knife. When I told my mom about these dreams, they took me to a sheikh (the Muslim version of a priest), and he helped me.

Later on, I found that the same woman was seen by my great grandpa, my mom, my sister, an aunt, an uncle and 5 of my cousins. The description was the exact same thing, and in my cousin’s case she was struck by the woman in the dream and when she woke up her gold bracelet which was on her hand was broken in half. She said that was the arm she tried to shield herself with in the dream.

It was too much to be a coincidence, and we believe this thing we all saw is called a tabea (follower in English) and is part of our folklore and myths.

The second may not be an encounter as it was during a sleep paralysis episode, I had heard children’s laughter and saw a black figure and couldn’t move while being aware of what was happening around the house. This might be due to hallucinations that happen during sleep paralysis, but I believe that time was different because it was the only time I hallucinated during a sleep paralysis episode.

Anyone else ever experienced anything like this?