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5 Strangest & Creepiest Tales of Haunted Dolls

15 Oct 2016

Dolls have a unique place in our society. From a very young age children can take solace in such an innocent object. They can be used as comfort blankets and promote security when most needed. However, they have also provided much literature and folktales in the realms of supernatural phenomena and unexplained mysteries. Can a doll really become possessed? Here are some stories relating to that.

5The Doll Collector

Katrin Reedik’s passion is her dolls. The thirty-three-year-old mum-of-two has shelled out thousands of pounds to pursue her interest. However, the similarity with other collectors stops there. Katrin is a collector with a difference. She believes her dolls have spirits residing within them from previous incarnations.

Katrin maintains each doll is unique and has the same name that it had when the spirit was in human form. She uses paranormal devices and voice recorders to help communicate with them and has even used her phone to capture sounds and voices. She asserts that when sometimes played back you can hear the dolls talking in conversation. This is how Katrin discovers how they died.

According to Katrin, one of her dolls called Michael died from cot death in the 1980’s. She says that she was watching television and it kept switching to children’s channels. She said she realised it was Michael and as a baby, he would want to watch cartoons.

Her other dolls include ‘Baby Blue’, who died when he was just ten months old; Isabelle, a young girl who fell victim to cancer; a witch by the name of Trena in her thirties and Agatha, who has multiple spirits. Katrin thinks Agatha might be evil as her two young sons are fearful of her.

4The Blindfolded Doll

In Singapore, a doll was discovered by the side of a road. Oddly it was blindfolded. On it were written the words, ‘Bismillah’, translated as ‘In the name of God’, or ‘In the name of Allah’.

The theory is that it was discarded by its original owner and made blind so it couldn’t find its way back. Was this because the doll was considered evil in some regard? It has surfaced in numerous locations since and has also been observed moving its head as if looking around. Some people believe the person who removes the blindfold will then be followed by the doll.

3Doll Island

South of Mexico City there is a swamp. Journey deep enough and you’ll find a small island nestled amongst the canals of Xochimico. They call this place Isla De Las Munecas – The Island of Dolls and it holds a very creepy history.

About five decades ago a young girl drowned off the island. At this time the island was inhabited by a hermit named Don Julian Santana Barrera. No one else lived there. Following the girl’s death, Barrera plucked a doll out of the water. Over the next days and weeks, he located more dolls.

Barrera believed these were omens; signs that had been delivered to him from the spirit world. He believed they were instruments to look after the girl and safeguard the island from any evil forces.

So began his obsession with dolls. He collected old dolls and started to hang them on the branches of the trees of the island.

It is speculated that Barrera died under suspicious circumstances. Some locals suspect that the island dolls killed him and there are even legends of the dolls resurrecting during the night.

2The Story Of Annabelle

Annabelle was a birthday gift to a student nurse from her mother in 1970. The Raggedy Ann doll was housed in her college rooms which she shared with another female student. At first, all appeared normal, but then the doll started to exhibit strange behaviour. They would arrive home and find the doll in a different place from where they had left it. At one point sitting up with arms crossed. Further, the doll left a message on a scrap of paper with the words, ‘Help us’, scrawled across it in the handwriting of a child.

The young women were obviously spooked by this and decided to call in a psychic medium. They held a séance and the results were incredible. They made contact with a young girl by the name of Annabelle Higgins. Tragically at the age of just seven, her body was discovered in a field where the apartments now were. Through the medium, Annabelle informed the college girls that she liked being with them and felt safe around them. This knowledge settled the two friends a little, and they felt secure enough to allow the doll to remain in their lodgings.

A short time later, a male friend was staying in the apartment overnight. He awoke with a start and saw the doll climbing up his leg and then onto his chest. Horrifically it then began strangling him, and he passed out. The next morning, on reflection, he was convinced it hadn’t been a dream and that Annabelle was truly evil. The next day he heard a noise in one of the bedrooms. He ventured in and saw the doll on the floor as if it had been violently thrown. Seconds later a terrible pain tore across his chest, and he doubled over in agony. When he recovered slightly and was able to examine himself, there were scratch marks indented across his skin. These markings strangely disappeared within a day or two.

This was a pivotal development, and they turned to the clergy. A priest then contacted Ed and Lorraine Warren who were paranormal investigators. They concluded that a demon had attached itself to the doll. The priest performed an exorcism, and the Warrens removed the doll. It has since been on display at the Occult Museum in Connecticut in a sealed glass case sprinkled with holy water. There was a film produced in 2013 called The Conjuring inspired by events that took place.

1Devil Baby Dolls

The story goes thus. In late nineteenth century, New Orleans a young woman from an influential family married a wealthy Scotsman. A former lover took umbrage and bent on jealousy he enlisted the services of the Queen of Voodoo, Marie Laveau. She cursed the new bride who soon after went into labour with her first child. The young mother died in childbirth but not before giving life to a creature that some said resembled Satan. Lavreau took the baby home and cared for it until its death. It is thought that the baby is buried alongside her in Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1.

Ever since then the inhabitants of the area have feared the Devil Baby, saying it was evil and is an instrument of ill will. They took to hanging carvings of fake devil babies to ward off any danger.

An artist by the name of Ricardo Pustiano was able to recreate effigies of the dolls. Some of his friends who took possession of these reported strange occurrences that included the sounds of babies crying and a pair of cats that seemed intimidated by it and wouldn’t go near it. It has even been claimed that when these dolls are in close approximation of each other rustling and whispering can be heard.