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5 Ways To Spot A Psychic Scam Online…

13 Nov 2017

Finding a decent astrologer can be tough. You can ask friends and family for recommendations, check out online reviews, or visit the blogs of psychics to get some insight into their practice. The unfortunate fact of the matter is, though, no matter how carefully you vet any professional there’s always a chance that you may end up getting ripped off…

Astrology is a profession rife with scammers and swindlers, and it can be tough to separate the truly gifted from the frauds. There are a couple of red flags to look out for if you think that your online psychic might be a scam.

5Mass Mailing Campaigns

Certain astrology sites run direct mailing campaigns that are designed to target email addresses most likely to use a psychic. Some services that use celebrity names and famous astrologers to reel in new clients, including personalised messages about star signs. These blurbs are designed to draw a large volume of customers to turn to illegitimate online psychics.

4Generic Questions

A real psychic should not need to know your entire life story to get a reading from you. Fake psychics often need to ask a battery of questions, including your name, birthdate, living place, and more. Once they’ve gathered a fairly accurate representation of your life, they can easily draw conclusions of their own and pass them off as telepathic ability. It’s best to avoid astrologists that ask too many background questions.

3Offering Quick-Fix Solutions


While a glimpse into the future might make life a little bit easier, sadly, there’s no quick fix to most of life’s problems. If an online psychic offers to lift a curse, appease a spirit, or somehow otherwise turn your life around for a small amount of cash, the chances are that their solution is a waste of your hard-earned money.

2Making Dire Predictions

As soon as a psychic tries to extort cash from you in exchange for your family’s safety, you know something is wrong. If a psychic tells you that a close friend or family member may be in grave danger, that can be an alarming message. It can be even more alarming when you’re told that the only solution is a costly donation, most often to your psychic. Tales of doom and destruction are a common tactic amongst frauds to trick already nervous individuals into parting with even more cash.

1Offering Introductory Specials

Much like drug dealers draw in new customers with free samples, fake psychics sometimes advertise introductory specials to lure in clients. Beware of these discounted readings, however. Often, they include a small tease of information, forcing you to fork over more cash to learn your full fortune.
Though there are countless online scams out there, by staying alert and keeping informed, you can avoid spending money on unscrupulous psychics and fake readings.