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5 Shockingly Overlooked Missing Person Cases That Are Still Unsolved

07 May 2017

When a person goes missing in this day and age, the media goes into a frenzy looking for them. Sometimes the case will stay in the public eye for years. But what about cases that don’t get a lot of attention?

The ones that get one or two mentions on the local news, or articles in the local paper. There are many missing cases still out there, also under mysterious circumstances, but forgotten by all but those close to the lost ones involved.

Here are five strange and unsolved missing person cases that were overlooked by the media.

5Zayden McKnight

Four-year-old Zayden and his mother Nichelle disappeared from their Dayton, Ohio home on 25th March 2014. Their blood was found in the basement of their house, but there was no other trace of them. The police believe that Nichelle’s ex-boyfriend was involved in the disappearance, but he was killed in a shootout with police before he could be questioned.

Suicide by cop for a man with a guilty conscience? Or did the police decide to shoot first and ask questions later? After his death, an anonymous tip led police to Nichelle’s body. She was found near the Stillwater River. However, Zayden was not found. Other than the blood, which may have been a fatal amount, nothing else was ever found. Police believe he was killed with his mother, but there is no evidence to confirm this, and his grandmother holds out hope he will one day be found alive.

4Cleashindra Hall

18 year old Cleashindra was looking forward to her last two weeks of high school. She was set to give the commencement speech for her class and had been accepted to Tennessee State University for pre-med. On 9th September 1994, Cleashindra was finishing up a day at the doctor’s office, her after-school job, and called her mom to remind her that she would need a ride home at 8:30 pm.

Unfortunately, her mom fell asleep. When she woke at 1:00 am, she realised Cleashindra wasn’t home. She called the doctor’s office, and her boss said she had gotten a ride home. However, her coworkers said she walked. Neither one of this made sense, since Cleashindra didn’t have anyone to get a ride from, and her house was too far away to walk.

When Cleashindra didn’t turn up for school the next morning, all of her friends were questioned, as were her boss and coworkers. Her boyfriend was given a polygraph; however, her boss refused to take one.

The police believe she must have known whoever took her and that she was the victim of foul play. However, there is no evidence. She simply left work and disappeared into the darkness, never to be seen again.

3Ramona Redd

After Leaving her home in Baltimore, Maryland on the morning of March 7th, 2002, 19-year-old Ramona was planning on walking about an hour to her sister’s place in East Baltimore. However, at 5:00 pm, she used a 7-11 payphone to call a girlfriend, saying she was lost. The Payphone she called from was only a twenty-minute walk from her destination but Ramona never made it to her sister’s place, nor did she return home.

Ramona is still missing, and no one has reported hearing from her or seeing her after the 5 pm phone call. It is unknown what she was doing in the hours between leaving her home in the morning, and the time she made the call to her friend; who confirmed that, other than being lost, there didn’t seem to be anything bothering Ramona.

No one just vanishes; someone must have seen Ramona after 5 pm, but to date, nobody has ever come forward.

2Equilla Hodrick

On the evening of August 12th, 1985, eight-year-old Equilla chased after an ice cream truck, watched by her mother, who was eight months pregnant at the time and was chatting with friends.

Nothing was out of place in the New York, Bronx neighbourhood and Equilla had always come home in the past, and at the time, it was common for kids to go short distances by themselves. No one was worried. Later in the evening, she was seen by her cousin at an arcade playing games alone, but she never returned home. Equilla knew her neighbourhood, her address, and was streetwise for her age, so getting lost or in trouble was unlikely.

Police used bloodhounds and tracked her scent to a metro train track, but the trail went cold.

That was 31 years ago, and no trace of her has ever been found. The case was reopened in 2004, but no new information came forward, and her family believes that information is being withheld.

1Garnell Moore

Strange circumstances and tragedy surrounded Garnell from birth. His father was a drifter, and his mother was in jail. At age six, he was given to a neighbour, Belinda Cash. Everything about the handover was informal; no professionals were involved, and Garnell wasn’t enrolled in school or any community programs.

In August 2002, Garnell was seen playing near Cash's home in Baltimore, Maryland and shortly after one of his great aunts asked to visit him but Cash told her that they were in the process of moving and it wasn't convenient. The visit was never rescheduled.

In 2005, some of Moore’s family members came looking for him. At first, Ms Cash claimed that he was on a school trip, even though the school was out for the summer. When the police were called, she admitted that Garnell wasn’t with her anymore. She claimed to have dropped him off at a Social Services building in West Baltimore.

However, there is no Social Services building at or near the location she gave.

The police searched where she had lived with previously with Garnell but found no trace of the boy. Cash has passed "polygraph, supporting her claim that she never hurt Garnell, but, refuses to talk about what happened to him. Garnell has never been seen since, and no one has come forward with any information about him. Somebody must know what happened to this little boy, but to date the police are no further forward than the day he dissappeared.

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