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The UFO Death Conspiracy | 5 Mysterious Deaths Linked to Unidentified Flying Objects

08 Feb 2017

In 1971 internationally renowned comic book writer and keen amateur UFO Researcher Otto Binder published in the UFO magazine SAGA an article provocatively titled “Liquidation of The UFO Investigators.” Which claimed that, over the previous decade, no less than 137 various UFO Researchers, Writers, Scientists and Witnesses had all died, many under what Binder described as “the most mysterious circumstances.”

Make of those specific claims as you will; the fact remains that, over the course of the last 70 years, for such a derided, and supposedly groundless subject as UFO’s purportedly are, the death toll associated with them is remarkable.

Even when the story turns out to be nothing more than just a crude hoax in the first place, people have actually ended up dead… Think we’re making that up? Check out 5 UFO related death stories.

5The Maury Island Incident

Although today regarded more as the hoax which spawned the myth of the sinister Men In Black. This alleged incident on June 21st, 1947 in Puget Sound Harbour between Tacoma and Seattle, Washington, and despite claimed it was entirely made up, led directly to the unfortunate deaths of two US Army Air Corp Officers dispatched to investigate it.

The “incident” itself concerned the experiences of one Harold A. Dahl, two other boat crew members, Dahl’s teenage son Charles and their family dog who would also die as a result of this alleged fateful UFO encounter.

Dahl claimed he was a Harbour Patrolman, (a fact never substantiated as true and one Dahl himself years later confessed to a journalist wasn’t true) and that he and the rest of the crew were out on the harbour patrolling for salvaged logs when they encountered five 100ft diameters bright, metallic doughnut-shaped UFO’s apparently circling in aid of a stricken and damaged sixth craft directly above. It was this sixth craft Dahl claimed killed the family dog and injured his son by it discharging a quantity of a substance resembling either lava or “white metal” directly onto the deck of the boat, killing the dog instantly and breaking his son’s arm in the process. Dahl claimed to have in his possession physical evidence of the encounter, and so-called “UFO residue” or “slag” This “residue” ended up in possession of non-other than Kenneth Arnold, the man whose own UFO sighting famously brought the term Flying Saucer into the English language.

Arnold who was working as a UFO Investigator in collaboration with magazine editor Ray Palmer and after a hefty sum of money was made available to investigate the UFO residue. It prompted the editor of The Idaho Daily Statesman to garner further interest and prompted the dispatch of a telegram to US Air Force intelligence in Hamilton Field, California who sent two US Army Corp Officers out to investigate; they were 1st Lt. Frank M. Brown and Capt. William L. Davidson

Both men made that long and fateful trip entirely for nothing. Upon inspection, they immediately identified the material enthusiastically proffered for examination as being nothing more extraterrestrial than aluminium runoff. Slag, undoubtedly procured from a local smelting works.

Realising all concerned had well and truly been had, Brown and Davidson set off to return to California after that their B-25 inexplicably caught fire mid-air. All on board perished in the crash.

4The Cold, Lonely Death Of Captain Thomas Mantell

The Mantell Incident occurred just six months after Maury Island and is both highly documented and well corroborated by multiple witnesses both in the air and on the ground, including civilian, military and police.

Widely reported in the Press at the time, this is the incident generally acknowledged as being the one that changed public perception of ufos. At 3:18 pm on January 7th, 1948 Kentucky Air National Guard Pilot Captain Thomas F Mantell died alone flying a P-51 Mustang in unquestionable pursuit of a UFO. Mantell was a decorated pilot with over 2,167 hours in the air under his belt. He was just 25 years old when he died and, according to at least one official version of events, this decorated serviceman died apparently chasing Venus…

The facts of the matter need no exaggeration. Mantell was one of four P- 51’s from 165th Fighter Squadron Kentucky Air National Guard already in the air diverted to intercept and investigate what was multiply described by various witnesses as a large, metallic 250-300ft westbound aerial object near Maysville, Kentucky. The rest of the squadron, unable to continue the pursuit much beyond 22,500ft, could only watch as Mantell continued to chase the object which he described over the radio as something which looked “metallic and of tremendous size.”

At 25,000ft, alone and with no oxygen, Mantell blacked out. Firefighters later pulled his body from the wreckage of his Mustang; his watched stopped at 3:18 pm. The UFO disappeared from sight at 3:50 pm; up until this point many continued to observe it. Various explanations for the incident exist. Some claim the object was a Top Secret Military Project called Skyhook. Others say… different. We’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

3The Harvest – November 1953

Four years down the line and we enter The Harvest. A slightly unusual title which concerns two incidents separated by about a fortnight, all taking place in November of that year. Cumulatively these cases resulted in the unexplained UFO related disappearance (and likely death) of six people, five of whom were pilots and at least four the military.

The first incident that of the Hunrath and Wilkinson Disappearance involved two “UFO Contactees” who claimed to have routinely been in telepathic communication with extraterrestrials and indeed were actually heading to meet with beings, at a secret location onboard their apparently grounded Flying Saucer. The pair having hired a plane with only three hours fuel in it took off from just outside Los Angeles on November 10th with no filed flight plan and a very inexperienced amateur pilot (Hunrath) They have never been seen since and neither the plane or their bodies have ever been found.

The Kinross Incident happened between November 23rd and 24th 1953 and involved two F-89 Jets. The first crashed on the shores of Lake Wingra, Madison Wisconsin under mysterious circumstances and the second disappeared, after apparently colliding (according to radar) with the unidentified object it sent out to intercept. Neither bodies of the two-man crew or the plane have ever been recovered, and this one remains a real life X-file mystery.

2The Disappearance Of Frederick Valentich

In an eerily similar incident to The Hunrath and Wilkinson disappearance this 1978 UFO related incident involving Australian civilian pilot Frederick Valentich, touches upon a far, far larger and profound aviation mystery rarely reported upon but one that, nevertheless, remains an undeniable fact. Since records began back in 1948, across the globe, no less than 105 flights carrying 1,615 passengers in total have all completely disappeared without leaving a trace. Nothing ever found. Nobody knows how, why or what happened.

Valentich claimed over the radio that his Cessna 182L was being pursued by something large, brightly lit, and fast moving at 4,5000ft. Asked to identify the aircraft Valentich reported: “It isn’t an aircraft.” Those were the last words he spoke.

1The Birds

The Midwinter Mass Death Events of 2010-2011 indicate that clearly, our skies are stranger and more uncertain places than we realise. And mysterious deaths don’t just happen to people.

Just before the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve 2010, 5,000 red-winged blackbirds fell in an area about 800 yards wide on the town of Beebe, Arkansas. They all died from blunt-force trauma, consistent with a bird strike. But what exactly did they hit? Nobody has ever found out.

Just a few days later, 300 miles further south along a highway in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 500 birds, mainly starlings and blackbirds, were also found dead. Again, all displaying the same kind of blunt force trauma, with no clues as to what they flew into.

Soon after that, now in Kentucky, several hundred more birds were found similarly dead. Bird strike the cause, but no clear indication of what exactly had induced the trauma. Other incidents started coming in from all over the world. In Sweden outside the town of Falkoping 100 starlings were found dead on the road. Same apparent cause. In Italy, hundreds of dead Turtle Doves were discovered in Faenza. But what did they hit?

According to the US Geological Services website, about 90 mass deaths of birds and other wildlife were recorded from June through to December that year, and it’s documented fact that these kinds of mass death incidents are in no way uncommon. Louisiana State’s Wildlife Veterinarian Jim LaCour stated there had been at least 16 similar mass blackbird deaths over the course of the previous 30 years.

These events are not new, they keep happening, but as of yet a cause has never been established. Many, theories have been speculated, everything from fireworks, power lines, as well as top secret military death rays.

Through numerical value alone, however, blunt-force trauma, mass bird deaths wipe the board when it comes to unexplained deaths from the skies. So what are these birds actually flying into? Birds strike when it comes to planes is common and happens many times every day, usually around airports although can happen at higher altitude. These incidents rarely significantly damage the aircraft, unless it involves jet intakes. However, it is always fatal to the birds and generally more traumatic, physically.
But, in these kinds of numbers, an entire flock all at once would mean a conventional aircraft would be in serious trouble and quickly. Even a large one. Yet many times these mass bird deaths occur where there isn’t much routine air traffic. In many instances, not even power lines. So what else is up there for birds to fly into…?