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5 UFO Incidents The World Forgot

01 Jan 2016

Take a look at the list below, remarkably each of these events actually happened. They are impressively well documented, well witnessed, historical fact. And yet ask anyone if they remember the story the chances are they have forgotten.

A UFO chase involving 200 police officers and a police helicopter in South Africa.

A UFO witnessed by thousands across six US States. A UFO landing witnessed by some 200 students and Teachers in Southern Australia.

A UFO event which disabled both military jets and an International Airport in Tehran. Mass UFO sightings directly over Washington DC…

Here we look at five of these seemly forgotten incidents of UFO sightings.

5 The Erasmuskloof Sighting

The Erasmuskloof Sighting

It happened at 4:00 am August 28th, 1996 in Pretoria, South Africa above a suburb called Erasmuskloof. The story broke live first thing on SABC-TV News in Johannesburg. When the police at Adrian Vlok Police Station first called for back-up, everyone assumed it was a wind-up. And then, when more reports started coming in from Centurion. The South African Police responded.

They sent everything: Flying Squad (SWAT), canine response unit, and all available mobile units from all over Pretoria. As well as a helicopter. Some 200 police officers watched the hovering UFO for 90 minutes. However ask anyone if they remember where they were the day that story broke. I guarantee, they don’t….

4 The Kecksburg UFO Incident

The Kecksburg UFO Incident

December 9th, 1965, Kecksburg Pennsylvania.

At first it was reported as a meteor, a brilliantly lit fireball seen by thousands over six US States and Canada, that began in Detroit and ended in the Windsor area of Ontario, a large burning object causing sonic booms and dropping molten debris that set fires as it went. A lot of people saw it. A lot of people… Then, over the town of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, part of it came down in the woods. Something locals described as shaped like an acorn with a band of what looked like hieroglyphics around the base.

Now the Kecksburg case has been examined and re-examined many times over. In Ufology circles, it’s what’s referred to as being “Pennsylvania’s Roswell,” and debate on the actual nature of the object that came down still rages.In 1991 it was attributed as being the remains of the Russian Kosmos 96 Satellite which came down on the same day. However, NASA categorically dismissed the claim as Space Command had tracked the errant satellite to Canada where it had crashed some 13 hours before the fireball was seen.

And then, in 2005. NASA changed their minds. The conspiracy theories behind that continue… But ask anyone if they’ve even heard of the incident, and the response will probably be no!

3 Westerfall


Another ordinary suburb, this time in Westerfall, Melbourne, Australia, on April 6th, 1966 in broad daylight. This one hit both the Broadsheets as well as TV. Some 200 people in total watched the UFO in question for 20 minutes.

History may have apparently forgotten, but the witnesses never have. They had a reunion to mark the 40th anniversary of the event which was also covered in the press. However, the world apparently managed to forget about that as well.

2 The Tehran Incident 1976

The Tehran Incident 1976

Similar deal. This time a full radar and visual observation over the capital of Iran. Two F-4 Phantom II jets scrambled to intercept the UFO, lost instrumentation, communications, and weapons systems until they withdrew.

The object also shut down Mehrabad International Airport and affected several passenger jets. The whole event you can read up on. It deserves the reading. Also contemporary press coverage and footage. It’s a large story. But, yet again. One the world apparently forgot. But it isn’t the largest…

1 1952 Washington DC, July 19th -20th & 26th -27th

1952 Washington DC, July 19th -20th & 26th -27th

The number of times I’ve read sceptics express the sentiment, something to the effect of: “When I see UFOs touchdown on the grounds of the White House live on TV, then I’ll believe…”

Well in 1952. That happened. Well. UFO’s overflew the capital over the course of two consecutive weekends in large numbers. This story was enormous. Every newspaper, every TV channel. Newsreel. It went international. The enormity of it needs no exaggeration; it is an actual historic event. In no way made up. There’s even newsreel footage of soon-to-be President Eisenhower responding to a journalist acknowledging the events of the previous weekend and appearing excited about what might happen over the course of the next.

There is no cover-up, the entire event is prodigiously well documented… And yet. Nobody seems to know it actually happened. This particular incident, however, does leave behind an interesting side spin.

In the subsequent aftermath of the Washington incidents, in 1953, a committee called the Robertson Panel was set up to look into the findings of all ongoing UFO investigations, chief amongst them Blue Book. Interestingly, this is the point in US policy where official interest in UFO’s turns from studying and analysing UFO reports, to trying to publicly debunk them.

In its findings, The Robertson Panel’s recommendation was that the Air Force should “strip the Unidentified Flying Objects of the special status they have been given and the aura of mystery they have unfortunately acquired.” And it seems from that moment it would rarely publicise any UFO case unless it were labelled “solved”.

Coincidence? Clearly, the Washington Incident alarmed the public, and naturally, the government would want to take as many measures as necessary to allay public fears, could this actually be why enormous stories such as these aren’t covered-up so much as simply not encouraged to be discussed.