5 True Facts Behind "The Haunting in Connecticut"

01 Jan 2016

Most of us have heard of the movie "The Haunting in Connecticut" that came out in 2009. To most it is the perfect scary movie that has all of the frightening moments. As scary as the film might be, it didn't include all the scary reports. The true story that inspired this great film, tells us what really happened to an innocent family.

In 1986 the Snedeker family moved into a seemingly beautiful home that could fit their big family. When you normally by a home the real-estate agent tells you the past of the house. But for some strange reason when the Snedeker's bought this particular home in Southington, Connecticut no information was disclosed. That should have been a red flag to them, but they were desperate to find a home so this wasn't going to push them away.

5 The Terror Begins

The Terror Begins

While looking around her new home, Carmen (the mother) found odd looking tools. These tools could only be described by their use. The tools seemed to be from a mortuaries collection. But the family was confused by the potential bizarreness that their home hid in it's past. After doing research into the history of the property, the family found out that their home was the site for a funeral home. If that wasn't creepy enough, what the family was about to encounter would make them regret their purchase.

The spirits started to manifest themselves and gain evil energy. Many family members reported seeing apparitions (too many to count) and saw strange things that couldn't be explained. One of the most disgusting activities to come out of the story had to be banned from the movie due to disturbing content. Many members of the family were forcibly taken advantage of in a sexual manner by an unseen force. Due to the disturbing nature of the attacks, simple spirits could no longer be blamed. Knowing that spirits couldn't be the only presence in that home it only led to one conclusion, the forces of the evil intent were demons.

4 Definition of a Demon

Definition of a Demon

A demon can be defined as an inhuman force that only has malicious intent. When a demon is in a home it's only a matter of time until it starts attacking those who live within the house. The two worst things that a demon could do are possessions and killing their victims.

The family needed help badly because they were being viciously attacked. They called the now famous demonologist and his wife who is a clairvoyant, Ed and Lorraine Warren.

3 The Warren Effect

The Warren Effect

As per the normal, the Warrens and their team decided to live in the home. They experienced activity that they couldn't ignore. To them all the signs pointed to a grave conclusion. The Warrens told the family that the house has spirits but they were worried about the many evil entities lurking around. With the gross amount of activity that had disturbing content stacking up, the Warren's had to something for the family.

With knowing the cause for the activity, it's easier to find a solution to resolve the issues. But to resolve it was easier said than done. They were dealing with multiple demons that could manifest themselves at any time. They were worried about being attacked by one or all of these demonic entities. They had to be super careful about how they would proceed. When you hear of demons the normal resolution would have to be an exorcism. Since the demons were not possessing people but possessing the house itself, they had to modify the ritual. They called the ritual "A full home exorcism".

2 Confronting Your Demons

Confronting Your Demons

An exorcism in its simple definition comes from its original term, exorcise. This is a ritual that forcibly pushes an evil presence out of a human and/ or property when the human and/or property is under possession. This ritual can only be performed by someone or multiple people who have a strong religious background. The Warren's were the obvious candidates to perform the exorcism due many things. This included; a strong religious background, and experience in performing an exorcism. Ed and Lorraine Warren performed an exorcism back in the 1970's during the Harrisville Haunting (Better known as The Conjuring).

The reports that have come out of this particular exorcism tells a simple story. It doesn't go into full detail about what happened during the ritual. But the Warren's have said that conclusion to this is that there are no longer demons within the home. This is good news to many who do visit the home. But many people doubt that fact, thinking that it just seemed too easy to get rid of the demons just like that. But ceremonies like that are never simple. They take so much energy out of those involved. It takes a tremendous toll on a person who experiences something terrifying during that ceremony. Without knowing the particulars of the ritual, it's tough to say what the difficulty level was.

1 Amazing Similarities

Amazing Similarities

There are so many stories that are similar to this haunting. But each story has their own uniqueness to it. The severity of each case depends on the extent of the source. There is always a reason to why a place is haunted, usually comes from their past. A distinct past can separate the normal cases to ones with powerful forces. The Haunting in Connecticut is a prime example of a powerful force haunting. A powerful force haunting has many levels. Apparitions, things being thrown, being attacked, and even possession.

It's easy for a skeptic to say that these things didn't happen. They want to see these things with their own eyes. But nobody can deny that these hauntings would be awful to go through. It's tough to imagine how these innocent victims felt, but we can only begin to understand by learning about their experiences.

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