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5 Conspiracy Theories & Unanswered Questions About The Assassination of JFK

28 Dec 2016

On November 22nd, 1963, on a warm afternoon in Dallas Texas, the world was rocked to its core as one of the most powerful men on the planet was shot down in front of thousands of witnesses.

The assassination of the 35th president of the United States John. F Kennedy has gone down in history as one of the defining moments of the 20th Century, and to this day there are many unanswered questions about both the details of the killing and the investigation that followed. Here are five theories on the assassination of JFK.

5The Gun

Several firearms experts have come forward to state that the type of gun that alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald used to commit the murder of JFK would have been terribly inefficient for use from the range that Oswald is stated to have made the shots.

The gun itself, a 6.52mm Carcano is not a high-powered rifle and is known to have a very large amount of recoil, meaning that Oswald would have had to reposition his shot each time he fired, making it difficult for Oswald to fire the three shots in 6.3 seconds that killed the President and wounded Governor of Texas John Connally.

This fact, along with many others, has led some to speculate that it was a different gun and shooter who took the shots...

4The Interrogation

An hour after the president’s death 24-year-old former US Marine Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested and brought in for questioning. The arrest itself has drawn suspicion from many reasons.

Shortly after the assassination, it is said Oswald was alone at a movie theatre when the place was descended upon by police and the F.B.I. making people wonder how any government officials would have known he was there, as at the time the theatre owner had called the local sheriff simply complaining that a man (Oswald) had snuck into a movie showing.

The subsequent interrogation of Oswald was also highly unusual, seeing as how despite being such a high-profile inquiry all recordings made during the investigation were destroyed, and no lawyer was present to defend Oswald, even though this was standard procedure.

Many believe the reason for this was because those who orchestrated the assassination wanted there no to be no evidence of what was said between Oswald and the interrogators and they feared he would reveal the conspiracy to any legal representative that was brought in...

3The Sitting Duck Formation

It has been observed by some that the formation of the security cars around Kennedy’s limousine seemed very strange.

The standard practice used by the secret service during presidential motorcades is called “the wedge position”, with vehicles on all sides of the president’s car ensuring all around protection.

However, on the day of the assassination, this was not the case, a different line-up of vehicles was used, making the President’s vehicle a “sitting duck” and some have suggested this was done to ensure an easy and clear shot at Kennedy.

It has also been noted that several high-risk areas where a sniper could have been hiding, such as an overpass and indeed the roof of the Texas book depository where Oswald is alleged to have made the shots from, seemed to have been ignored by the secret service while planning the route for Kennedy’s car.

2Oswald’s Confession

While all the official recordings and documents of Oswald’s interrogation have been destroyed, it is known that he told journalist Seth Kantor on the 23rd November, “I’m just a patsy”.

This quote, said by Oswald himself, has led many conspiracy theorists to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was merely framed for the shooting, and scared that he would confess to others, those responsible for orchestrating JFK’s assassination then had Oswald killed too, as only 16 hours after he’d spoken to Kantor, Oswald was shot dead by nightclub owner Jack Ruby as he was being escorted to jail.

Many have also speculated it was strange that the official verdict put forward is that Oswald killed the president to gain notoriety.

However, Oswald is known to have denied even committing the act during the interrogation, which is inconsistent with someone seeking a reputation or infamy.

1Suspicious Deaths

Perhaps the most startling evidence of a conspiracy theory surrounding Kennedy’s assassination was brought forward by Penn Jones in his book, “Forgive my grief”.

Jones detailed that a few days before the assassination 23-year-old Karyn Kupicnet had made a long-distance phone call ranting that “the president is going to be killed”, Kupicnet’s strangled corpse was discovered on the 30th of November 1963, with some believing she had caught wind of the plan, and was silenced.

It's also acknowledged that two journalists who had been intensely investigating the killing, Bill Hunter and Tom Howard both died under strange circumstances. On the 23rd of April 1964 Bill Hunter was shot by a policeman in what was ruled a freak accident, and on the 21st of September the same year, an unidentified man broke into Tom Howard's home and killed him with a karate chop to the throat...

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