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5 Harry Potter Theories That Will Make You Question The Entire Wizarding World!

05 Apr 2017

It’s been years since the world has seen the ending of its beloved series, ‘Harry Potter’. Between the time of the final book/movie release and the first launch of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’, the world was given no new Harry Potter material.

Naturally, this led fans to think further about the HP universe, delving further into the storyline to see if they could discover anything new… and they did. There are numerous theories out there on many topics related to Harry Potter, but here are some of the most attention-grabbing, convincing ones:

5Dumbledore Is “Death.”

Voldemort meets his doom when he goes on an excessive pursuit of power. Snape died over his undying, unrequited love for a dead woman, and Harry survives because of his humble wish to live peacefully without the fear of death.

Their stories align with the story of Death and the three Peverell brothers; Antioch, who asked for the Elder Wand for power, Cadmus, who asked for the Stone of Resurrection to bring his bride back from the dead, and Ignotus, who asked for the Cloak of Invisibility as he did not want to be followed by Death.

With this in mind, it would seem that Dumbledore represents “Death” When Harry gets hit by Voldemort’s Avada Kedavra, he sees Dumbledore at King’s Cross Station, and greets Dumbledore as an old friend, ready to go with him. Ms Rowling herself has even commented on this theory that “it fits”.

4Draco Malfoy Is A Werewolf

The reason Remus Lupin is a werewolf was because a werewolf bit him when he was young – Fenrir Greyback.

Fenrir Greyback is the same werewolf who works for Voldemort, and also the one Draco Malfoy uses as a threat to Borgin in the Half-Blood Prince. Speaking of which, when Draco threatens Borgin, he shows something on his arm. We assume that this may be the dark mark due to Harry’s assumption, but we don’t know for sure. Furthermore, in Chapter 16 of Half-Blood Prince, it is mentioned that Greyback is mainly interested in siding Voldemort due to his own self-interest – to bite and infect as many people as possible.

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Voldemort provides Greyback with the victims he desires, while Voldemort uses Greyback as a threat towards others. Due to the fact that Draco’s parents have disappointed the Dark Lord many times, it was speculated that Draco was given to Greyback as one of his preys.

This makes the relationship between Severus Snape and Draco even more intriguing as it may be that Snape could be brewing Wolfsbane for him. Unfortunately, this theory was debunked by J.K.Rowling.

3Why The Dursleys Were So Mean To Harry

We all witnessed how the golden trio engaged in petty arguments in Deathly Hallows because of having the Horcrux around – like when Ron sort of lost his marbles and left Harry and Hermione due to wearing the Horcrux around his neck all day long.

It is known that a Horcrux imposes an adverse effect on those that are near, and at the very end of the series, we find out that Harry was a Horcrux all along. Now knowing Harry is a Horcrux, looking back, this may provide a partial explanation for the Dursleys’ constant vileness toward Harry as they would have been around a Horcrux all the time.

2Rita Skeeter Is J.K.Rowling

Think about it… they both have silky, blonde hair, and a gift for writing. Could it be that the wizarding world is really real? And back in the day, J.K.Rowling wrote so many whack stories about people that she got kicked out of the wizarding community, then proceeded to write in the Muggle world?

It is possible that out of vengeance, she planned to expose the wizarding community, or it could be out of guilt of what she wrote about Harry and other innocent people whose reputations she had crushed all these years.

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Did she write the truth about the biggest events in wizarding history… and sold it to us muggles as fiction?

1The Cursed Job

It is less known that before Tom Riddle became Voldemort, he applied for the Defense Against the Dark Arts teaching position at Hogwarts. Dumbledore, seeing through Tom Riddle to his true nature, rejected him for the job.

This angers Riddle, and he cursed the job so that no teacher could hold the position for more than a year. It is likely that he and Dumbledore were the only two people who knew about this curse. Not only did the teachers lose the job after a year, but they also tended to get hurt in some way.

As examples, Quirinus Quirrell dies, and Gilderoy Lockhart goes insane. This may suggest why Dumbledore did not want Snape to have this job – as an important double agent who was the key to Voldemort’s defeat, Dumbledore did not want anything bad happening to him.