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5 RMS Titanic Conspiracy Theories

21 Mar 2016

Everybody knows the story of the RMS Titanic, the most famous maritime disaster in history. In 1912, RMS Titanic was the largest, most luxurious and fastest ocean transport ever built; the media named the Titanic "unsinkable" and that even God himself could not sink the ship.

Unfortunately despite Titanic's latest safety technology on the night of April 14th, 1912, just three days into her maiden voyage, she hit an iceberg that sent her to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, claiming the lives of over fifteen hundred passengers and crew that left thousands of families destroyed. But perhaps this tragic event wasn't just an accident? Here we look at five theories that could have led to the Titanic's sinking and prevented many unnecessary deaths.

5 The Cursed Mummy

The Cursed Mummy

Although this is more of a supernatural story, it is definitely worth mentioning. There is a story, that listed on the Titanic's manifest was the sarcophagus of Egyptian Princess Amen-Ra. The sarcophagus was discovered in Luxor in the late 1890's by a team of English archaeologists.

From the moment, the excavators came into contact with the sarcophagus, sickness, misfortune and even death surrounded them. It seemed that whoever came into contact with this sarcophagus was bound to be doomed by the curse that plagued it. The final straw was when the sarcophagus was brought to the British history museum for research when a worker of the museum took a photo of the sarcophagus he saw a figure in the picture that was so disturbing he shot himself dead that night.

After this event, the British Museum sold the artefact to an American archaeologist who didn't believe the story. The sarcophagus was quickly packaged, bound for New York. Unfortunately, the ship that the item was on was called the RMS Titanic. Although this story has never been proved, it is likely that there is some truth in it, as on the cargo manifest of the Titanic was an unclassified item from the British history museum and two coffins that did not have the names of the diciest registered!

4 The Coal Bunker Fire

The Coal Bunker Fire

This is certainly a true and documented story, and many theories support it, one of which will be mentioned later. The officially recorded event is that the day before the Titanic departed from Southampton dock a small fire broke out in boiler room six in one of the coal bunkers.

Due to the Titanic already being delayed for departure the fire was isolated and kept under observation, with the hopes it would extinguish itself within a few hours. Reporting this event would have delayed the maiden voyage of Titanic even more, and White Star due to financial pressure was in no position to accept further delays.

The Titanic departed from Southampton as scheduled while the fire was still smouldering. As the Titanic sailed in the open Atlantic ocean it was apparent to the crew that the fire was not going to extinguish itself, the crew eventually put out the fire; however the coal in the bunker was still glowing red hot, and despite efforts to try and cool the coal, it had no effect. The crew, happy in the knowledge that the fire was extinguished, decided to isolate the red hot coal bunker.

Boiler room six was located between the middle of the ship and the bridge of the vessel, because of its location and the fact the coal had burned for four days on the iron floor, one belief is that this event aided in the ships famous split. The fire had weakened the iron and the keel of the ship, causing hairline fractures. As the Titanic sank, the weight of her stern turned these hairline fractures into cracks which eventually broke into two parts.

3 The Newly Designed Life Jackets Actually Killed People

The Newly Designed Life Jackets Actually Killed People

The White Star Line tried to be the best at safety and took immense pride in its recent new design of life jackets. The life jackets contained twelve square compartments (six on the front, six on the back) which were filled with cork. The life jacket was placed over the passengers head and tied at the stomach with two straps. Although these life jackets had been certified as safe, they were actually very dangerous and fatal to passengers who used them.

The Cork inside the jackets was very buoyant. If a passenger was to jump vertical into the water from 10 feet or more. The jacket would "bounce" on the water due to the corks resistance, and the passenger would "fall through" the middle of the vest. Pushing their necks backwards and killing them instantly or leaving them with a serious disability. Due to their design, it is believed that if a passenger was lying face down in the water, it would be impossible to turn over due to the area of the jacket, causing them to drown.

Another serious flaw is that the cork that was used was "compressed chipped" instead of "whole" meaning that when the Cork was submerged in water for a short amount of time, it would expand, crushing the wearer's torso and leaving them unable to take the jacket off. There was, at least, four reports of passengers being "crushed" due to expanding cork. Sadly there was probably many more.

2 Third Class Passengers Were Not Locked Below Decks

Third Class Passengers Were Not Locked Below Decks

Unlike the films and stories, Titanic's third class passengers were not left to drown below decks. When the ship began to sink the crew of the Titanic led around 60% of the third class passengers through the promenade decks to the boat decks. Unfortunately, the 40% of passengers who were locked below decks were there for the following reasons:

They didn't speak English so didn't know what was happening.

They were sleeping.

They were on a higher third class deck which the crew didn't think would be at risk of flooding initially.

It is true that the gates were later locked so no passengers could go down below decks for their own safety. Unfortunately, this left approx 40% of third class passengers trapped, although despite popular belief, the crew did not stand at the gates with keys, the gates were locked, and the crew left the area. Consequently, the people below decks had no chance of escape. When the crew realised that the ship was going to sink, it was too late to open the gates.

The reason third class people had a limited chance of getting onto a lifeboat was because a lot of 3rd class were men; also, the lower class were shoved back by passengers and crew so first class passengers could get into the boats. It is also thought many of them offered their places in boats to children and women (even if they were women themselves).

1 The Titanic Didn't Actually Sink

The Titanic Didn't Actually Sink

This is the most evidentially built and compelling conspiracy about RMS Titanic. The Titanic had two sister ships, the Olympic and the Britannic, all three ships were constructed at around the same time, and they were to look almost identical with only a few minor differences.

The Olympic, was launched a few months prior to the Titanic, and like Titanic, the Olympic had a reputation for bumping into things, within the first weeks of her launch she had a minor collision which was repaired, however, not long after, she had a major collision with another ship that was sucked towards her stern by her enormous propellers. This incident crippled the keel of the Olympic, and she would never be able to sail again legally.

This loss would have left the White Star Line bankrupt. It has been rumoured that the two ships were switched, the Olympic became the Titanic, and the Titanic became the Olympic, it is speculated that once the Titanic (Olympic) reached New York, her sister ships Olympic (Titanic) and Brittanic would be ready to sail, leaving the Titanic (Olympic) moored in the dock for as long as possible.

There is a very convincing idea that the Titanic (Olympic) could have missed the iceberg if the keel of the ship was not bent, meaning that she could have turned port (left) much easier. There is a theory that the damaged Titanic (Olympic) could have been sunk intentionally to claim insurance.

If you compare the two ships, Titanic and Olympic, you can notice some differences between the ships, like the number of portholes on the bow, and the patchwork repairs on the Olympic after her collisions. But if that isn't enough to convince you... when the wreck of the Titanic was discovered along with her huge propellers, the serial number on the propellers was registered to RMS Olympic, not Titanic!

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