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5 Prophecies Involving Extraterrestrial Beings

06 Jan 2016

The question should not be only if we are alone. It should rather be: if we are not alone, then what? What if extraterrestrial beings actually affected our past, present and future? What if we were not entirely responsible for everything that has happened to us as a species up to now?

Some people find this scenario frightening, while others are fascinated at the insurmountable prospect. Here are some of the most widely spread prophecies involving extraterrestrial beings.

5 Anunnaki Slavery Theory

Anunnaki Slavery Theory

The Anunnaki come from ancient Sumerian mythology. According to this old lore, humans were created by higher entities, known as Anunnaki, in order to make them work like slaves. These aliens were believed to have originated from an unknown planet called Nibiru.

Paranormal researchers state that these alien forms made humans evolve in order to make them work harder, basically as mine slaves, to obtain precious metals. The Anunnaki encountered humanity in a very primitive state, so they decided to modify their genes and mix it with an alien genetic material, to change them from an ape-like state to the homo-sapiens that we all know today. If this is true, our own genetic code could have an alien component. It is not hard for us to imagine a context in which some form of outside influence made us so different from the rest of beings in our planet.

Another element to take into account is that Sumerian lore explains that a particular Anunnaki entity called Enki wanted to free humans from that state of servitude. However, the slavery gene was already ingrained in our genetic code so that people would live in economic slavery. This is why it is also said that the Anunnaki influence governments and people of importance to keep people silenced.

According to ancient prophecies, there could be a global awakening in which humans stick to the liberating alien-god Enki in order to overthrow this intergalactic tyranny. Only time will tell if this ancient holy war is going to happen, and when.

4 The Majestic Arcturian Allies

The Majestic Arcturian Allies

Even though they are considered an alien race, Arcturians do not inhabit the same dimension as we do. They are usually regarded as fifth-dimensional beings with a very kind and loving character. Supposedly, their task is to assist humans in their path towards illumination. They embrace everything related to unconditional love and are regarded as completely non-judgemental beings.

When a person dies, it is said that Arcturians are the ones in charge of guiding the person from one dimension to another. They are also known to be the protectors of the Earth; preventing any evil alien race from attacking us (this contradicts the Anunnaki already being infiltrated). In some esoteric groups focused in spiritual ascension, Arcturians are considered to be something like the “older brothers” of humanity, slowly preparing humankind to get together some day with the rest of the galactic community.

According to prophecies related to the Arcturians, one day, when humanity reaches an all-time evolution peak, they will appear in this dimension and take us to a higher state of reality.

3 The Evil Tyranny Of The Alpha Draconians

The Evil Tyranny Of The Alpha Draconians

Also known as “reptilians” in popular culture, they are not totally alien in the strict sense of the word since they inhabited earth thousands of years before humans did. This is why they are said to hold an arrogant attitude, and regard themselves as the true masters of this planet.

It is thought they take human form to negatively alter everything related to human advancement. Since they are an imperialist alien race, they do not want humanity to go beyond the Earth limits. This is why they will try to slow down human technology by somehow silencing or attacking people who go beyond the limits (an example of this could be the fact that Tesla’s free energy project disappeared mysteriously).

Researchers who focus on the occult claim that sooner or later, humanity will wake up and will see reptilians as the shape-shifting world leaders they are. Once this happens, a significant human rebellion could take place, maybe with the help of alien allies. And once the chains of slavery and ignorance are shattered, humanity could reach a new golden age; one that was also predicted loosely by Nostradamus himself.

2 The Life Consuming Grey Ones

The Life Consuming Grey Ones

These are regarded as small, grey coloured, skin changing reptile like beings with little purpose in life besides survival. A survivalist impulse is their prime motivation, and they obtain this by absorbing the vital energy from humans. Logic and emotionless strategy is their strong spot; their lifeless appearance is said to be terrifying.

They are said to have worked in collaboration with humans, but the latter appear dead after a certain amount of time due to their vital energy being absorbed. The easiest way to imagine greys is as vampires: pale skin, little to no emotion, and a determination to self-service no matter what, through the vital absorption of others. Since they can take human shape (similar to Alpha Draconians), it is easy for them to deceive humans.

However, the methods used by Greys are not so related to brute physical force, as they prefer mental control. An inner conflict between humans and greys is said to occur sooner or later, in which humans will struggle towards mental liberation. Once this is achieved, Greys will be depleted from their source of power, and they will finally leave humanity to live in peace.

1 Giant Serpents: Draconian Special Pets

Giant Serpents: Draconian Special Pets

Many people have a natural fear towards snakes: they look so different from the rest of the animal kingdom. Their soulless eyes make them look like out of space creatures, and their calculating attitude turns them into a fierce enemy.

5 World Leaders Who Many Believe Are Reptilians

According to some researchers, some giant versions of earth serpents inhabit the depths of our planet, and fiercely guard the treasures of their Draconian reptile masters. They are said to attack any human who dares go too deep, and in some tribal prophecies, they are said to one day rise again and retake the Earth back to their Draconian masters.