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5 Possible Explanations For The Amityville House Hauntings

05 Oct 2017

5 Amityville House: Haunted or Not?

Amityville House: Haunted or Not?

When you look at the house on 108 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, it seems innocent. But that’s only to the people who don’t know of the horror that lies behind the front door. Most of us have watched a movie called “The Amityville Horror”, and to some people, it might seem like a normal horror movie. However, most fans are ignorant to the true horror that inspired the classic film and its subsequent adaptations.

It all started in November 1974 when a family was murdered by the oldest son named Ronald DeFeo. He shot and killed his four siblings and his parents when they were all sleeping in their beds.

Ever since then there has been whispered rumours that the house must be haunted. The reasoning behind this is that murder victims tend to haunt the location in which they were killed.

But is the house really haunted?

4 The Paranormal Side

The Paranormal Side

Some reports like the one from the Lutz family indicates that the house is indeed haunted. In 1975, one year after the murders, the Lutz family decided to move into this particular house. Mainly because the house was selling for a low price due to its size. Just to be safe, they decided to have the place blessed by a Priest. While the Priest was performing the blessing he experienced something that sent chills down his spine. The family moved into the home despite hearing the Priests experiences. Within the first few days of living there, they started to experience some strange activity.

They now understood the Priest’s attitude towards the house. Some of the reported activity included; a strange foul odour, a consistently cold temperature in the house despite the family’s best effort to heat it, slamming of the children’s bed, not being able to move, levitation, and appearances changing in a strange way. The family only lasted 28 days before they fled their home. They didn’t take anything with them. They were terrified to go back into the house, which is understandable.

But did all of these things actually happen, or is it just an overactive imagination playing tricks? Is the house really haunted or is it just the hope that it is haunted that clouds people’s judgement?

3 Science’s Side

Science's Side

Scientists or better known as Parapsychologists, have found plausible reasons to explain the mysterious activity. I will highlight the reasons that relate to the Lutz family report.

  • Stimulation of the Brain: This can be broken down to an overactive imagination. When people hear of previous experiences in a supposedly haunted location, they expect something to happen. This leaves their imagination vulnerable to explainable occurrences being turned into ghostly activity. Regarding the Lutz family reports, they had previous knowledge of what happened to the previous owners. Why wouldn’t people think that home’s that contained murders won’t be haunted? The family left their imaginations vulnerable to manipulation. Most places that contained murders at one time or another are not actually haunted.
  • Infrasound: This is energy that is created by silent vibrations. Science says that this can be created by many sources, including the weather and the energy coming off of home appliances. For example, let your house be completely silent. Stand in your kitchen you can slightly feel the vibrations coming from the surrounding appliances. The father of the Lutz family reported that sometimes he would look at his wife and see her appearance distorted. Her face was replaced by an elderly lady’s face. Parapsychologists can suggest that this is just a hallucination. But people need concrete proof. Science proved that infrasound can affect our vision (our vision can be manipulated). With this, we sometimes see things that are not there. Due to the appliances that were used back in the 1970’s the infrasound can easily explain what Mr. Lutz thought he saw.

2 Cold Drafts

Cold Drafts

The Lutz family reported that their house was always cold no matter what they did to make it warmer. But science can explain this phenomenon. There are two explanations. The first is called cold drafts. Cool air can enter the house through a number of ways including windows.

But what if the room has no windows? The other explanation is called convection. Every item in a room has certain temperatures. So to make “room temperature” all the temperatures from these appliances must lose their excess heat. Remember a saying “Hot air rises and cool air drops”?

The appliances temperatures, hot air, and cold air mixing will create a cold sensation to a person occupying that room. So if you feel a cool spot or a cool breeze just remember there is a scientific reason for it.

1 Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis

This can occur when a person is in between sleep cycles and wakes up temporarily. When the person does wake up in between the transition of their sleep cycles, they can experience many things.

They can experience the inability to react to things around them; they cannot move or even speak. This only happens for a very short period. This usually happens for less than a minute because your body brings you back to sleep. So in Mr. Lutz case when he experienced the inability to move in the middle of the night when he temporarily woke up, it can be explained as an experience of sleep paralysis.


Despite science giving us some explanations to mysterious activity, the results are far from satisfying. Even though science wants to debunk the legend of the Amityville house, people will still believe that the house it truly and undeniably haunted. Some people don’t believe in the paranormal or even the existence of spirits until they experience it for themselves. Is the house actually haunted because of the tragic murders? Or are the paranormal phenomena just a figment of people’s imagination? It’s up to you to decide.