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5 Fascinating Stories From People Who Believe They Lived Before

30 Jun 2016

The saying goes “Live life to the full because there are no second chances” or are there? Have you ever got the feeling you have been here before a Deja Vu moment? It is said that when a person dies their body decomposes, but their spirit is reborn.

Here we look at five people who believe they remember being someone else in a previous life.

5 Chris Vicens

Chris Vicens

Shop assistant Chris Vicens is convinced in a past life he was screen goddess, Marilyn Monroe.

During regression therapy, Chris claimed to be Marilyn, and as he had more sessions, he started recalling parts of her life, on one occasion he was with Marilyn's mother in a farmhouse, it was completely empty apart from a white object in the front room.

Chris later learned that although Marilyn spent most of her childhood in orphanages, she did spend a short time with her mother, who had bought a house on credit, but within a month of the purchase, all her possessions had been repossessed apart from a giant white piano.

Chris believes that this is what he saw in his vision. Chris also claimed to have experienced Marilyn's death; he said everyone thinks Marilyn was found naked in her bed after taking an overdose of prescription drugs, but the truth is Marilyn was murdered in her pool house, and her body was dragged to her bedroom.

He claims there were five people involved in her death. Despite the vivid recollection of events Chris claims he had no previous knowledge of anything to do with Marilyn Monroe.

4 James Leininger

James LeiningerIn

In 1945, 21-year-old fighter pilot James Huston Jr was shot down and killed by the Japanese during the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II, sadly just another casualty of war.

Many years later James Leininger was born in America, as he grew up he starting having nightmares, at the age of two he would be writhing on his bed screaming “Plane on Fire, little man can't get out!” “Aeroplane crash” clawing at the covers as if trying to escape. He would also call out names in his sleep and at the age of three had an extraordinary knowledge of fighter aircrafts.

When asked who was in his nightmares the child replied “me” These nightly scenes were traumatic for his parents, and his father Bruce embarked on a 3-year search for the names his son was mentioning.

After extensive research, Bruce concluded his son was the reincarnation of James Huston Jr; he discovered James Huston was shot down exactly as his son was describing in his nightmares.

In another astonishing outburst, the young boy said to his father “I knew you would be a good Daddy, that's why I picked you” when asked where he picked him from, James replied “In Hawaii, at the pink hotel, on the beach” Eerily this was where James was conceived!.

This extraordinary story has been told in the book called Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation Of World War II Fighter Pilot.

3 Sherrie Lea Laird

Sherrie Lea Laird

Although many people think the claim is outlandish, like Chris Vicens, Sherrie Lea Laird firmly believes she is the reincarnation of tragic Hollywood Legend Marilyn Monroe; this claim has been backed up by Malibu Psychiatrist Adrian Finkelstein.

Finkelstein said he uncovered Lairds past life after placing her under hypnosis, as part of a highly controversial therapy known as “past life regression” Laird, who bears little resemblance to Marilyn, was videotaped under hypnosis and accurately recalled love affairs with John and Robert Kennedy. She also stated JFK told her state secrets about Fidel Castro and Cuba, and gave details of Marilyn's untimely death at the age of 36, dismissing any thoughts of her being murdered, claiming it was a drugs overdose.

Sceptics are divided about “past life regression therapy” claiming it can lead to patients genuinely believing they have experienced a past life. So could it be that Sherrie Lea Laird is the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe or are her memories just of what everyone knows about Marilyn form the papers and the media attention she attracts?

2 The Boy Who Lived Before

The Boy Who Lived Before

Six-year-old Cameron Macauley was a typical little boy, chattering away about his Mum and family and drawing pictures of his house, the only trouble was the life he was talking about was not the life he was living.

The little boy said it was his other life and was worried his old Mum would be missing him. Cameron talked vividly about his life on Barra and was getting distressed at being away from his Barra family, he even named his other Dad as Shane Robertson and said he had died because he hadn't looked both ways.

The Glasgow lad was so convinced his other life was on the Isle of Barra that his present family who had never been to the Isle of Barra decided to take Cameron there.

When they arrived Cameron was so happy he got off the plane threw his arms in the air, yelling “I’m back” After searching the island, they were finally directed to a White House as described by Cameron, as they arrived the little boy went very quiet, his old mother was not there to meet him, the house was not lived in, but the family had managed to get a key to look round.

Remarkably Cameron knew the house inside out, even showing them a secret entrance. Since his visit to Barra, Cameron talks less about his old life, but he has told pals not to worry about dying because you just come back. When his mother asked how he ended up with her, he says he fell through and went into her tummy, when asked what his previous name was he simply says “It's Cameron, it's still me!”

1 Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones

Hunter (not his real name) was a three-year-old golf prodigy who it is claimed is the reincarnation of 1930s golf legend Bobby Jones.

At the age of two Hunter was watching TV with his father when a clip of 13 times major champion Bobby Jones appeared, he said to his father he had been Bobby Jones when he was “big” and demanded to be known as Bobby from that day. Hunters' Christian parents shrugged off the child's behaviour assuming he was just different and was ignoring modern day golfers such as Tiger Woods.

However his father decided to test his son, so he printed off several pictures of houses, one of which was Jones childhood home, the child called all the pictures “house” except Jones' house which he called “home.”

Hunter, who started golf lessons at the age of three, has been likened to Bobby Jones in his style of play. Hunter also declared from a young age that his favourite golf course was Augusta, and he would design golf courses with pillows and sheets in his bedroom. In the 1930s, Bobby Jones helped establish Augusta National Course, home of the Masters.

Hunter now a little older has won 41 out 50 junior golf tournaments and is seen as potentially the next Tiger Woods. Or is he really the reincarnation of Bobby Jones!

by Andrea and Bruce Leininger (Author)

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