5 Most Haunted Places In Ireland

18 Apr 2016

Ireland may be known for its rich history and luscious green fields, but what many people don't know is that Ireland is also home to many extremely creepy and haunted places. From jails haunted by the ghosts of former inmates, to a hill that has seen some of the most horrific and scary incidents that have been told in Ireland throughout the year, here are what I believe are the five most haunted places in Ireland.

5 The Hellfire Club, Co. Dublin

The Hellfire Club, Co. Dublin

Montpelier Hill which houses The Hellfire Club could be one of Ireland's most haunted locations. Rich with stories of murder, ghosts, and even rituals, it is sure to fascinate and scare anybody that dares to visit it. It dates back to the early 1200s and has witnessed some horrific incidents in its time. A young woman who was trapped in a barrel and set on fire is reported to be heard screaming in anguish.

But this is far from all that has happened here. A young man with dwarfism was brutally murdered during a ritual and buried under the kitchen of Killakee House with an effigy of a demon. While a huge, malevolent black cat is said to stalk the area and strike immense fear into anyone who comes into contact with it.

But perhaps the most famous visitor to the club is the Devil himself. It has been said that he appeared during a card game after Simon Luttrell agreed to give up his soul to the Devil in return for settling his debts. When the Devil arrived, Luttrell distracted him and escaped. Without a doubt, Montpelier Hill and its surroundings are some of the most fascinating and scary places in the whole of Ireland.

4 Wicklow Gaol, Co. Wicklow

Wicklow Gaol, Co. Wicklow

Wicklow Gaol is one of Ireland's most famous jails. Built in 1702, it housed many of Ireland's most violent and dangerous criminals throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. Disease, hunger, and violence were rife in the prison up until it was closed in 1924. Some of the rooms in the building have been made to look like a ship, and it's here a woman in a black velvet cloak is supposedly seen roaming the ground level while many people claim to feel very uneasy on the upper deck of the ship.

It is the ship that seems to be the most haunted area of the prison where most paranormal happenings reportedly take place. A figure of a man is said to be seen standing in a corner of the ship's upper deck while people have reported hearing children crying and even more disturbingly, people have said to have seen these children with their own eyes. Even one of Ireland's most famous television stations did a special report on it and during a seance, a table apparently fell to the floor after a psychic medium called out to the spirits. The jail, especially the lower levels, is usually not very well lit and often you can see a shadow lurking in the darkness, almost as if it were watching you. It is certainly one of Ireland's most haunted jails.

3 Thoor Ballylee, Co. Galway

Thoor Ballylee, Co. Galway

Thoor Ballylee is an Irish Norman tower house located in County Galway, once the home of Lady Gregory, a lifelong friend of the famous poet W.B. Yeats. It is now a museum, and it is reported to house the apparition of a young Anglo-Norman soldier. Many people have allegedly seen this apparition, and even Yeats himself believed that the spirit roamed the house.

Even a curator's dog would refuse to enter some of the rooms, possibly sensing this ghostly figure lurking in the shadows of the room. Perhaps the scariest encounter with a spirit happened in 1989; David Blinkthorne was visiting the house with his family when he asked to take a picture of Yeats' sitting room. All seemed normal until David developed the image and a ghostly black figure could clearly be seen in the photograph. To this day, it is unknown who the figure is.

2 Charles Fort, Co. Cork

Charles Fort, Co. Cork

When you hear the story of Charles Fort, it is no wonder that it is one of the most haunted places in Ireland. It is said to be haunted by the "White Lady," a bride who killed herself after her husband to be, was shot to dead by her own father who then stricken with grief, turned the gun on himself.

She is said to be seen roaming the grounds wearing her white wedding dress and quite often approaches children. Normally she is quite friendly and will even wave to the kids, however as the century progressed it was reported that she became more aggrieved. A doctor who fell down the stairs said that before he lost consciousness, he saw the White Lady quickly moving away.

A similar event also happened to an officer who was patrolling the fort. He reported that he was pushed down a corridor by a sudden gust of wind and that he was then thrown down the same staircase as the doctor. Nowadays the woman is reported to manifest on warm summer days, looking out over the flowers from the battlements, the last place she was seen alive. She now roams the grounds, perhaps looking for her husband so that they can finally be together.

1 Kilmainham Gaol, Co. Dublin

Kilmainham Gaol, Co. Dublin

The second jail on this list, however, this one has seen some of the worst tragedies in Irish history. During the 1916 Easter Rising, many of its leaders were kept here, and some were even executed inside its walls.

From when it opened in 1796 to its closing in 1910, Kilmainham Gaol witnessed somewhere around 180 hangings, three of which were women. 18 men were also killed by firing squad before its eventual closure. So it comes as no surprise that this jail is said to be incredibly haunted. During its restoration, a caretaker reported that the lights mysteriously turned on and off in the prison chapel.

Also, a man painting the castle claimed to of been blown against a wall by a powerful gust of wind; the man struggled to fight his way out of the prison, and when he did finally emerge he was supposedly ashen faced and in a state of shock. He refused to work there ever again. There are also reports that, some kids will refuse to enter the jail as if they sense something evil and become paralysed by fear.

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