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5 Dark Facts & Hidden Secrets About North Korea

26 May 2017

After the Korean War ended in 1953, North Korea isolated itself furthermore and continued their dictatorship reign with its only remaining ally, China.

The country holds many dark secrets that have silently been kept away from the public. However In the past decade, in particular with the rise of the internet and technology, these secrets have begun to slowly leak out. Here we look at 5 Hidden Secrets of North Korea...

5Punished Families

Within North Korea, when a person gets imprisoned for a criminal offence - their whole family are also detained or sent to secretive concentration camps. North Korea believes that if they increase punishments, this will decrease overall criminal behaviour. While this does hold some truth, it is more likely that this is to stop suspicious behaviour; such as spying, betrayal and attempting to flee the country. A North Korean cannot simply leave the country, as their whole family would get tortured, punished and imprisoned.

This rule highlights the dangers of North Korea, which explains how the country has been able to stay secluded for such a long time. Strict laws and punishments have restrained people from leaving the country or communicating with the outside world, limiting their freedom.

4Fake Wealth And Propaganda

North Korea is known to feed propaganda into the minds of its citizens, attempting to show off how powerful and wealthy they are, especially to other countries. These videos mainly consist of showing off their military prowess, missiles, artillery, markets, food, products, etc. However, the sad truth is, that the North Korean people cannot buy the food or products shown in the videos. They can not go into a shop to buy food or clothes. “It’s only for display.”

There is also speculation that half the missiles shown are, indeed, fake. In many cases, it is to trick the country's citizens into believing they are more powerful than they actually are. There are also speakers placed everywhere, to ‘brainwash’ citizens with non-stop propaganda.

The North Korean people find it impossible to escape the harsh regime of their country, and the lack of Internet and TV means they are virtually cut off from the outside world.

3Kim Jong Un’s Time In Switzerland Did Not Teach Him Anything

Many suggest that in 1996, Kim Jong Un went to Switzerland under a new identity known as “Pak-un,” and attended school there between 1998-2000, where he learnt to speak English and German, along with other regular school subjects. He was described as being a low-grading student who was passionate about basketball. The school would have taught Kim Jong Un democracy, equality and human rights. However, he seems to have not taken any notice of this as nothing has improved in North Korea and the corrupt dictatorship of his father continues.

It is thought that more than 300 people have been executed since Kim Jong Un’s reign began including 70 senior officials of the Workers Party of Korea. This included the execution of his uncle, Jang Song Thaek - who was killed by firing squad in 2013 for amongst other things: leading a "decadent capitalist lifestyle." Shortly after Kim Jong Un also allegedly killed his Aunt, Thaek's wife, by poisoning her.

He also brutally executed his defence chief Hyon Yong Chol because he fell asleep at a military event.... and recently he has been implicated in the murder of his half-brother Kin Jong Nam who was sprayed with a deadly chemical spray in a Malaysian airport.

2Concentration Camps

Alongside jails, many believe that there are Concentration Camps in North Korea, where civilians are tortured by guards, who think they are betraying the country. Prisoners are locked away, tortured relentlessly with harsh techniques and live in poor conditions. Often these prisoners are executed.

Much of this was hidden away from the public until a few of them managed to escape North Korea and described the torture. One victim described guards breaking his knees and whipping his back, showing scars that remain to this day.

1Extreme Poverty

A video recently leaked out, showing homeless kids starving on the streets begging for money from people to buy food while wearing ripped clothes. This is the sad truth of North Korea and the result of the corrupt dictatorship of the Kim Dynasty. The government doesn’t show footage of its citizens being forced to work long hours just to buy food for their families, or the starvation, and executions.

Those who are lucky enough to escape tell of having to eat scraps and leftovers just to survive.

Sadly foreign aid cannot reach North Korea, making it hard to help its citizens. However, it is hoped that with advances in technology in the near future the rest of the world will finally find out the secrets and be able to help the suppressed people who live there.

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