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5 Hidden Secrets Of Himmler’s Third Reich

02 Jun 2016

In the centre of the first floor of the north tower of the castle of Wewelsburg, the place Reichsfűhrer-SS Heinrich Lutipold Himmler chose to be both the physical and spiritual stronghold of the Order of the SS. The literal centre for a planned (but never undertaken) 1.27-kilometre circular estate Himmler's architects referred to as "The Centre of the New World," surrounded by a circle of 12 stone pillars and arches and a green marble floor with a mosaic of an ancient glyph. The glyph in German is called the Schwarze Sonne; it's true meaning being, Black Sun.

Hundreds of miles away in and under the Sowie Mountains in Poland, towards the border of Czechoslovakia, lie the unfinished remains of a mysterious and massive underground military bunker complex the Nazi's were building known as Der Riese, or The Giant. At one end stands, a Henge, like construction made of concrete. Ominously referred to as "The Fly Trap", it's actual purpose remains so elusive, that for years it's been genuinely believed to be something to do with Nazi Germany's alleged "anti-gravity" UFO Programme. Viewed from the ground, admittedly, it's very difficult to ascertain exactly what purpose such a structure was built for.

The flytrap was built in 1944. The structure contains (proportionally) the same receptacle area in its centre as the Wewelsburg floor mosaic, only, naturally, on a larger scale. The surrounding pillars and arches correspond exactly to the number and stations of the Schwarze Sonne, exactly like those in the north tower at Himmler's "Zentrum der Neuen Welt". It's the same, circular structure.

There is no doubt the Nazi's were building a Black Sun at Der Riese; the question is, why...?

Welcome to our Top5s special, Black Sun Forever: The Hidden Secrets of Himmler's Third Reich...

5 Rise Of The Giant

Rise Of The Giant

The call for the construction of Der Riese was originally raised by Hitler's favourite, Minister of Armaments and War Production Albert Speer. In conjunction with senior management of Organisation Todt, the Third Reich's civil and military Engineering Corp, who, in September 1943, created The Silesian Industrial Company to undertake the construction work of the proposed mega- bunker, using forced slave labour, initially POWs from Russia, Poland, and Czechoslovakia.

The increasing success of Allied air raids was forcing the Nazis to relocated large parts of their strategic armaments production into safer areas. Plans to protect critical infrastructure also involved the transfer of the arms factories to underground bunkers as well as undertake the construction of permanent air-raid shelters for government officials.

Der Riese was envisaged and proposed as a centralised solution.

The complex essentially consisted of seven massive primary underground complexes and two Castles on the surface, all connected by a labyrinth of underground tunnels with many ancillary mines, caverns, roads, railroads and labour camps. The partially constructed Wlodarz (Wolfsburg) Complex consists of some 3,100 meters of tunnels alone. The scale of the planned undertaking truly was enormous.

This wasn't simply just bunkers. They were building an entire underground city!

4 Stronghold Of The Order Of The SS

Stronghold Of The Order Of The SS

Up until this point construction work at Himmler's SS stronghold at Wewelsburg Castle had been progressing modestly at a steady pace. Despite Himmler's considerable ambition for the place.

The overall plans for Wewelsburg as intended were to be truly monumental, the complex Himmler's architects proposed to build required the entire population of the Wewelsburg area relocated and the valley area flooded to facilitate the hydro-electric damn necessary to power the complex.

All told the project was expected to take some 20 years to complete at a conservative cost of 250 million Reichsmark. Wewelsburg was never intended to be a wartime stronghold, but more an SS Temple, a lasting monument to peace in Nazi victory.

However, round about the time permission for Der Riese went through in 1943, work on Wewelsburg ceased. Other than the Crypt underneath the ground floor conference room of the North Tower, the only thing completed was the Black Sun mosaic on its green marble floor and its surrounding pillars and arches.

The room itself was never formally used. It's as if Himmler didn't want to draw attention to the fact he was interested in possessing a permanent stronghold dedicated exclusively to the SS at all. Besides. In 1943 the SS had plenty of other work to keep them busy...

The following year, 1944, Der Riese became beset with problems. A typhoid epidemic broke out amongst the workforce, most of whom were starving to death anyway.

The reason the location was chosen in the first place was its composition (primarily) of hard gneiss rock ensuring the structures within could be considerable and spacious and yet completely bomb-proof, but equally meaning tunneling was slow. And then, to cap it all, project leader Speer fell ill with complications from an inflamed knee injury, meaning he was forced to be away from his post for three months.

At Himmler's insistence Speer was treated by his own personal physician, Karl Gephardt, who, for some inexplicable reason, didn't manage to make Speer the slightest bit better at all. In fact, as far as Speer was concerned, Gephardt seemed to go out of his way to keep him out of the picture, so-much-so and to such an extent he came to believe Hitler wanted him side-lined and proffered his resignation over the issue to force the Führer's hand...

In the interim, dissatisfied with the lack of progress at the project, Hitler ordered the Organisation Todt to take full operational charge of construction at Der Riese and authorised the immediate use of Concentration Camp prisoners for slave labour, meaning security for both the site and labour force would now fall entirely under SS jurisdiction and control.

Speer was eventually returned to his post in overall charge, but to all practical intents and purposes, from 1944 onwards, SS-Troops were in place, on the ground. Der Riese effectively was in the complete hands of the SS. Like so very much else of the Reich...

3 A Message Almost As If From God

A Message Almost As If From God

Contrary to popular belief the infamous double lightening-bolt SS-Rune insignia wasn't designed by Heinrich Himmler, it wasn't designed with any arcane or occult significance whatsoever, it was simply designed in 1929 by a penniless graphic designer Walter Heck working for the company Ferdinand Hoffstätter, in Bonn.

Chosen for it's bold, clear graphic simplicity and it's subtle double- meaning, based as it was on a single lightning bolt rune, already used by the Nazi's meaning "Victory".

The insignia was originally intended for an SS-Zivilabzeichens (Civil Badge) for which Heck received the princely sum of 2.50 Reichsmark from Ferdinand Hoffstätter. The insignia itself didn't come into general usage until Himmler became aware of it in 1933.

A personal letter from Himmler to Heck, written in 1944 after Josef Grohé relayed Heck's story to the Reichsfűhrer-SS (a record of which is stored in Das Bundersarchive C.2.2.8.H 19/3329, titled: "Subsequent reward for the design of the SS Civil Badge in 1929".)

In the letter, Himmler expresses his personal gratitude to Heck for his design work, now aware of Heck's circumstances he rewards him for his hardship with a semi-detached house in a nice German suburb, providing of (course) he's married and has produced at least two beautiful Aryan children! About which Himmler is only half-joking. It was an actual formal requirement for SS-Officers to be married, family men. Heck at this time was an SS- Obersturmfűhrer in Koln...

But there's a reason for Himmler's generosity.

Indeed, the SS-insignia was never designed with any kind of arcane or occult meaning whatsoever, that however didn't mitigate the fact that, to the initiated, it actually has one. Something evident to a man of Himmler's personal interests. The lightening-bolt rune, unknown to most, really was derived from an ancient Germanic symbol meaning Sol (Sun).

To come across the symbol in 1933, the year the Nazi's came to power in Germany, so independent of his own personal design and yet, associated as it is specifically with the SS under his command, surely must have seemed to Himmler akin to divine provenance. That's what made the insignia's symbolism so resonant. A message almost as if from God.

The sun rune as depicted in Heck's SS-insignia has a literal arcane meaning: two words. Unmistakable and clear, to those who know that meaning. Two words that say one thing.

Over and over and over...

2 Black. Sun

The Black Sun

There's a story you need to know. In August 1941 Himmler attended the execution by firing squad of 100 Jewish prisoners in Minsk, the experience of which clearly made him visibly nauseated and shaken. He left concerned about the mental toll such actions must be having on his SS-men, and so he decided that alternative means of mass killing must be found. And quickly. For the sake of his men.

The following year, in spring 1942, the first gas chambers went up at Birkenau.

There's a reason the most inner sanctum of Himmler's proposed SS-Temple has on its floor the symbol of the Black Sun. If you look again at the SS-Black Sun emblem at Wewelsburg the centre is actually the stylised, inverted alchemical symbol for Sun (Sol), the Sol Niger. Black Sun.

The green marble background of the floor mosaic equally forms yet another reference to the Sol Niger. A green lion consuming the sun is a common alchemical image, familiar in such texts as the Rosarium Philosophorum, the sun symbol being (as it is at Wewelsburg) within the green of the background.

The Sol Niger (Black Sun) is the blackening and burning away of the extraneous flesh, the revealing of the inner truth within, the pure nature. The Black Sun is the first stage in what alchemy calls the magnum opus, The Great Work; basically, it's how Himmler rationalised what he and the SS were doing. The War, The Death Camps, The Final Solution, Himmler saw them all as simply part of the stages necessary in order to accomplish a pure new world; The Black Sun is how it was all accomplished. And Himmler was more than deadly serious about all this.

In the spring of 1943, the construction of four additional purpose-built gas chambers and crematoria complexes went up at Auschwitz-Birkenau, each crematoria capable of handling 2,000 victims daily. They even stopped registering Jewish people as prisoners because it was quicker to simply gas them, and so they gassed some 900,000 people over the course of the following year immediately upon their arrival...

And it would never have simply stopped there.

1 Himmler's Third Reich

Himmler's Third Reich

Himmler and Hitler were never friends, in fact, it's highly unlikely Himmler even liked the man, he served him totally 100% because that was the level of total obedience he expected from those under him and Himmler believed in leading by example. Their relationship really was as simple as that.

Hitler used to openly refer to him as "der treue, Heinrich" (the faithful, Heinrich) to others, like a pet. I doubt he ever realised how dangerous Himmler truly was...

From the medicines, Hitler was being prescribed it's now clear that Hitler was actually suffering from Parkinson's disease since before the outbreak of the war, he was never going to survive. Whatever fidelity those in command pledged to Hitler as Fűhrer, the longer the war persisted, the less likely those doing the frontline fighting were to transfer that loyalty to Heinrich Himmler.

In the event of Hitler stepping down or dying, there would have been a land-grab for power, and the first person everyone else would have turned on was Himmler and his SS. Himmler knew that and needed a stronghold, Der Riese was ideal. It fitted his mythology.

In the end, of course, history overtook contingencies, the Allies laid waste to intentions and plans. Of the 13,000 prisoners known to have been used as slave labour at Der Riese, an estimate 5,000 are known to have died. To a man like Himmler, that would have meant nothing. Those people were all supposed to die; it was necessary, and they would never have been the only ones. The Black Sun was a secret only for the initiated, the worthy, his faithful elite.

There was a reason why, under Himmler the SS rose from a group of only 290 men in 1929 to 52,000 by 1933, all Herrenvolk. Why the General-SS held most of the civil administrative positions in the Reich, why Himmler required SS-Officers to be married, family men with at least two beautiful, Aryan children like himself from the very start. The Black Sun is also the means by which immortality is attained. The Black Sun. Forever. The Legacy of the Third Reich was never destined to be Hitler's, it was always to be Himmler's.

The War was just something to keep Hitler, and his Generals occupied, while "Der treue," Heinrich quietly stole the Reich from under them all...

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