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The 5 Facts Behind The Real “Conjuring” Movie Family | The Perron Family

27 Oct 2016

When you hear the name Perron, most people don’t give it a second thought. But then when you mention “The Conjuring”, most people know what you are referring to. The movie was one of the most well done and popular horror movies of our generation. It is tough to believe that the movie was inspired by an innocent family. When you watch the movie some people are astounded by the events that happened. It’s an incredibly terrifying true story that nearly killed the Perron family.

5 Bathsheba


In today’s society most people like to deny that witchcraft and dark magic never existed. But there is too much resounding evidence to prove that history contained such evil (For example, the Salem Witch Trials). However, in regards to this story, it was somebody that seemed mysterious that gained the reputation of being a witch. Her name was Bathsheba Sherman and her husband lived in Rhode Island. They were reported to have had four children, but three didn’t survive past a young age.

In the mid 1800’s Bathsheba gained a reputation as a witch. Her town highly suspected her of performing black magic. As local legend likes to tell it, she was rumoured to have sacrificed a young infant to Satan. This particular legend started when the infant died while Bathsheba was taking care of it. The child died in a manner that had the metaphorical “sacrifice” written all over it. The child died by being impaled by an object through the base of its skull. Blame was immediately put onto Bathsheba, and the town wanted her punished. But in the end there wasn’t much evidence to prove that she committed the crime.

The town never forgave her and now she bore the reputation of being a witch. Another report claims that Bathsheba hung herself and proclaimed her love to Satan. But who knows if these rumours are actually true. But it definitely fuelled the fire into the property’s mysterious future.

Was Bathsheba actually a witch? Did she curse the land? The events that followed made the property a very dangerous place.

4 The Property

The Property

In the past many properties have become haunted in different ways. The most commonly heard is through tragedies occurring on the property. There is a theory that many tragedies in a house or on a property can create a vortex that can trap entities/spirits in that particular location. This vortex can be manipulated and used by evil entities, most commonly heard are demons.

On this particular property many deaths took place. The reported deaths have been; two drownings, many deaths by freezing to death, two suicides by hanging (Bathsheba is rumoured to be one of these suicides), and one suicide by poisoning.

With events like these, it can create an evil that is waiting for its next possible victim.

3 The Perron Family Report’s

The Perron Family Report's

When the Perron family moved into this home they wanted to start out fresh. The parents wanted to provide a wonderful life for their children. When they bought the home they were never told about the previous owners and what events occurred both in the house and in the surrounding area. They had no idea what was in store for them.

The family reported many disturbing events during their stay. These events included, in no particular order; loud bangs that shook the whole house, the daughters having their feet and hair yanked, doors slamming all on their own, a voice yelling out in the middle of the night, and many apparitions. Any events like this would drive people out of their home, but the family was very strong and stood their ground.

2 The Targeted Attack

The Targeted Attack

A familiar name, Bathsheba, was rumoured to be the evil spirit/force that targeted the family. Many factors made the family targets but the main one was that they weren’t very religious, which in many people’s minds made them very vulnerable. But whether or not they had been religious, she would have targeted them because they lived on her property. Bathsheba did many things to the family but the daughters were frequent targets.

But Bathsheba’s main target was the mother, Carolyn Perron. She saw Carolyn as the “weakest link”. Carolyn was the focus of the worst forms of Bathsheba’s attention. One possible reason for the cruel treatment was Bathsheba felt such hatred for her. Bathsheba started out with the small things and then intensified her attacks.

The attack started with Carolyn enduring the small things. This included; having things thrown at her seemingly out of nowhere, and being hit by unseen hands. Carolyn was not deterred by these things.

But most evil entities feed off of people’s fear. When Bathsheba found out about Carolyn’s fear, she used it to her advantage. She used fire as a warning, and thought that this would push Carolyn out of the house. But despite her efforts, Carolyn wasn’t going to back down. Bathsheba needed more and had to dig up things from her past.

Since Bathsheba killed an infant by impalement, why not let Carolyn feel a similar pain. Carolyn reported being woken up by a pain in her leg that felt like an object stabbing her. Bathsheba showed herself to Carolyn multiple times trying to scare the living daylight out of her. But again Carolyn never left her family.

Remember the saying “If you can’t defeat them, then join them.” Bathsheba took that to a while another extreme. To weaken a human, a spirit tries to possess the person. To push Carolyn to the breaking point Bathsheba had to possess her. While doing this Bathsheba had to give the spirit of Carolyn no will to live. She had to push Carolyn down so far that there would be no chance of her surviving.

1 The Warren’s

The Warren's

A brief background on Ed and Lorraine must be addressed first. They are the most well-known paranormal investigators in the world. Ed Warren is a demonologist and Lorraine Warren is a clairvoyant. The most well-known cases are recognizable by their names, this list includes; The Haunting in Connecticut, the Amityville House, the Annabelle Doll Case and the Harrisville Haunting (The Conjuring). The Warren’s have dealt with anything and everything to do with the paranormal.

The events happening to the Perron family pushed them to find the most reliable help. During this time they needed the help of people who dealt with the paranormal. Now well known, the Warren’s decided to help them. Bathsheba was slowly torturing Carolyn during the slow and agonizing possession. The Warren’s knew they had to take immediate action to save Carolyn.

It all came down to one day during an exorcism. Bathsheba wouldn’t let go of demolishing Carolyn. Since she was under full possession the Warren’s could only do so much. It was up to Carolyn to push Bathsheba out and finally defeat her.

In the end Carolyn willed herself to live and got Bathsheba out of her. The family then fled the home worried about another uncertain attack.


To conclude this famous story, it was simply a brutal real life haunting. We can only imagine what this family went through. It might be fun to watch the adaptation of this on a television screen but we all have to remember that human beings went through those horrific events. No matter if you believe their story or not, we can all agree that human beings going through this is a terrible thing.