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5 Facts About The Terrifying Case of The Southend Werewolf

06 Feb 2017

For the fanatics of the era that was populated by teen vampire characters and assorted monsters, this story is not as tamed as those shows or movies. No amount of fiction could ever attempt to duplicate this insane true story.

From violent incidents to a possible reason for it, we are now going to explore the case they call “The South End Werewolf”.

5Bill Ramsey

In 1952 a young boy named Bill Ramsey was going to experience something so terrifying, it went beyond a possible explanation. Born and raised in Essex near London, Bill had quite a normal life. Until one day he was playing outside when a wash of cold air came over him. The boy almost vomited because of a horrible and unbearable smell surrounding him. As he was taken over by a creature of some kind, his mother calmed him down made him seemingly feel better.

Moments later an intense and violent anger took over him. He found he had superhuman strength as he ripped out a nearby fence and threatened his parents with it. Naturally, they were scared of him, and ran and stayed away from him as long as possible.

However for Bill, it was not over, a dark, demon-like growl emerged from deep inside him as the fence wiring was now a toy to him. Then as quickly as it started, the experience was over.

Bill did not experience another episode of takeover until 15 years later. By now Bill was a husband and father, but just as it had 15 years earlier, Bill started to have night after night of unstoppable nightmares and the same feeling that washed over him when he was a boy. This time the nightmares lasted 18 months, until he awoke one night, and experienced the same demon like growl from deep inside him.

It went quiet again for another 15 years until when on a night out with his friends the familiar nightmarish feeling came over him again. He went to the bathroom and was horrified that his reflection in the mirror revealed a werewolf. Just a few hours later Bill began to attack his friend, the werewolf inside him took over. It took several attempts to calm him down.

Over the next few years, these incidents became more frequent, and he ended up attacking more and more people. Bill was powerless in his attempts to stop the beast taking over him.

4Ed And Lorraine Warren

When life began to be utter hell again for the Ramsey’s in the late 1980’s, it seemed like nothing could be done to stop the beast. But miraculously help arrived in the form of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Nobody else but the couple would believe Bill and his story.

Call it great timing, but while on a visit to London the ever so strange but yet infamous case regarding Bill was aired on television. Lorraine, as she is known to do, had a feeling that something was not right. Something needed to be done. They needed to help him.

After many conversations between the two families, Bill finally went to Connecticut to get an exorcism done. Not the most ideal thing but that was the only option. Bishop Robert McKenna, a faithful priest for the Warren’s, was designated for this case.

However, as the time drew closer to the moment of the exorcism, the beast would show itself again. This time Bill almost killed his wife. An event that made the couple all the more determined to rid this parasite from their lives.

The demon/werewolf put up a huge fight before seemingly leaving Bill’s body. Even though Bill’s body took a werewolf’s transformation during the exorcism, humanity still won. Ever since that day, no out of the ordinary experiences have plagued the Ramsey’s.

3Clinical Lycanthropy?

While there are many recorded cases of people changing into a variety of monsters, the fact of the matter is that they can be easily explained. It’s called “Clinical Lycanthropy”; thought to be a reasonable and undeniable explanation.

But how does this relate with Bill Ramsey turning into a werewolf? Studies have been done on recorded cases where people have claimed to have turned into “Werewolves”. The results show that some regions of the brain cause the physical illusion. It’s the same parts of the brain that cause depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. When those parts of the brain get triggered, then that’s when the illusions appear.

2Science Vs Religion

It’s another chapter in the battle between Science and Religion.

When it comes to paranormal entities and occurrences, science rears its head and comes up with a possible solution to the problem. But the battle between science and paranormal believers will never stop.

Science can easily say that there are simple reasons to quickly explain things like cold drafts but paranormal hunters or just believers will always doubt the real intentions of scientists.

No matter how much proof both sides try to show, it’s up to the enthusiast to believe what they choose.


Speculations as to whether The Southend Werewolf was even a true, mainly because little to no proof has been released to the public, it’s only the trust in the Warrens that make the story believable. Many books and articles have been written with the help of the Warrens regarding this case. Their Credibility is the glue that keeps this case from falling apart.

So was Bill Ramsey suffering from Clinical Lycanthropy or was his body really taken over and manifested as a Werewolf? I wonder what your thoughts are on this extraordinary story….