5 EXTREMELY Creepy Paranormal Photographs

06 Oct 2016

We've all looked at a photograph and seen a shadow or a ray of light that we were not expecting to be in the shot, but imagine if you looked at a picture and there was an image of a person or persons that were not even present when the photograph was taken.

There are many instances when this has happened and it has led people to believe that these unexpected guests in their photos are in fact ghosts that are lingering all around us. Here we look at five of some of the most powerful ghost photographs ever taken.

5 Queensland Ghost Baby

Queensland Ghost Baby

In 1945 a young girl called Joyce Andrews tragically died at the age of 17, her body was buried with her brother Sgt Cecil Andrews, in Queensland, Ma Ma Creek, Anglican Cemetery. Their parents made regular visits to their children's grave and in 1946, their mother took a photograph of the plot.

When the roll of film was developed Mrs Andrews was shocked to see a small child sat on her children's grave, she is adamant that no children were in the cemetery at the time the photo was taken, and she did not recognise the child as anyone she knew.

There have been several theories over the years regarding the authenticity of the photograph; there is no doubt that the grave exists and Mrs Andrews children are buried there.

But many think this is a case of double exposure, this was quite common in early photography. Others believe it is the ghost of an infant buried in the cemetery, although there is little evidence that any babies were buried near Joyce's grave at that time.

Could there be another explanation? Maybe it is not from a child's grave maybe it is anyone of the people buried in the graveyard, returning as a child?

4 Freddy Jackson

Freddy Jackson

This intriguing image was first published in 1975 by retired RAF officer Sir Victor Goddard. It was taken in 1919 at HMS Daedalus training facility in the South of England.

At first glance, it looks like a standard group RAF portrait. But on closer inspection there is a member of the squadron who had died two days before the photo had been taken, the unexpected face appears on the back row, in between the fourth and fifth man, he is not wearing a cap like all the others.

The other squadron members immediately recognised the man as their deceased friend, air mechanic Freddy Jackson, who had tragically been killed in a freak propeller accident, and whose funeral was taking place that day

Clearly not accepting that he was dead Freddy turned up for the photo shoot with his mates. To date, no one has any explanation for why Freddy appears in the picture apart from it being his ghost!

3 Mary Lee - Waverly Sanatorium

Mary Lee - Waverly Sanatorium

Waverly Hills Sanatorium Kentucky is not a place you would want to spend your final days, but sadly it is thought that over 8,000 patients did. The medical facility was opened in 1910 to treat patients with early and advanced stage tuberculosis; it would have been a terrible place, with overcrowding, understaffing and dubious experimental treatments, at the time there was no cure for tuberculosis and many patients succumbed to the disease.

It is also believed that the dead bodies were disposed of down a purpose built chute, which led to an underground tunnel away from the main building. This method was used so that it didn't look as if many patients were dying in the facility. With the discovery of antibiotics, the sanatorium finally closed in 1962.

Not surprisingly since then, it has been associated with many paranormal happenings, with many believing that the ghosts of the dead patient's still roam the corridors. One of the most impressive photos taken at the facility is above, it is thought to be the ghost of Mary Lee, who herself had contracted TB while caring for the patients, she also found herself pregnant by one of the doctors. Unmarried and in despair she took her own life and was left hanging for some days undiscovered in one of the rooms. It is thought she still roams the hospital building, staggering around in terrible pain

2 Whaley House Ghost

Whaley House Ghost

Whaley House in San Diego is widely recognised as the number one haunted place in America. Over the years, it has seen its fair share of tragedy. It was home to Thomas and Anna Whaley who had five children.

The family themselves were convinced the house was haunted when they moved in, believing the spirit of James Robinson or Yankee Jim as he was known, could be heard wandering around the house at night. Yankee Jim was hanged on the grounds of the house in 1852.

The house also saw the tragic suicide of the Whaley's daughter Violet In 1885, who committed suicide in one of the rooms, after her failed marriage, this event affected the whole family. The above picture was taken by a visitor to the house, and is thought to be the ghost of Thomas Whaley; personally, I believe that it looks more like a woman! Whoever it is, the mystery surrounding the house sure makes it creepy.

Also, beware if you do visit the house as it has been reported a young girl, possibly the poisoned granddaughter of Thomas and Anna, grabs visitors by the arm as they walk around the house!

1 Malaysian Bus Crash Ghost

Malaysian Bus Crash Ghost

Now this is a weird one; it was spotted after a news team took photographs of a fatal bus crash in Malaysia. When the photographer checked back on the footage they noticed a ghostly looking image under the bridge, the sinister looking face appears to be smiling.

Many believe this demon looking ghost could have been responsible for the crash, that sadly took the lives of three people. Unfortunately, very little else is known about the photograph, but it is definitely creepy!

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