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5 Creepy Stories About Romania’s Most Haunted Location | Hoia-Baciu Forest

05 Oct 2017

Whenever Romania is mentioned, the first thing most people think about is Vampires and Dracula. But, Romania has much more than just that when it comes to scary and spooky stuff; it has one of the most haunted places in Europe in fact, the notorious, Hoia-Baciu Forest, often thought of as ‘Romania’s Bermuda Triangle’.

Here we look at 5 creepy and fascinating stories about this mysterious and eerie place…..

5The Gateway To Another Dimension

Most people who visit the Forest, experience an uneasy feeling with many claiming that it is a gateway to another dimension. The Forest has earned the nickname ‘Romania’s Bermuda Triangle’ for a reason. Visitors have been known to disappear for periods of time with no recollections of where they have been, often returning with unexplained rashes and burns on their bodies.

One incident involved a 5-year-old girl, who had wandered off into the woods and got lost. Her parents searched relentlessly but no sign of the girl was found. Eventually, after several years she was declared dead. However, over five years after she went missing she suddenly emerged from the forest, reportedly wearing the same clothes she was wearing the day she disappeared and had no memory of what had happened.

The girl was one of the lucky ones, as it’s said there have been many people who have gone missing in the forest and have never returned, often found dead some years later with no signs of trauma to their bodies.

4Vlad The Impaler And Peasants Ghosts

One of the most enduring stories surrounding the Hoia-Baciu Forest is that of Vlad the Impaler, the infamous Romanian King who was the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s famous novel Dracula. The Forest is thought to be the place where Vlad was eventually beheaded…

Vlad was known for his insatiable thirst for human blood, and he allegedly would impale his victims after inviting them over for lunch. His ghost is believed to still haunt the forest.

However, Vlad is not the only ghost thought to wander the forest; it is also believed to be haunted by the Romanian peasants who were murdered there decades ago. Witnesses have reported seeing the souls of their tormented souls wandering around the forest usually in pairs, they have been described as having piercing green eyes, and are shrouded in a heavy black fog.

3Whispers And Voices

Locals are terrified to enter the forest because of the many legends surrounding it. Allegedly, when entering the forest, a feeling of anxiety hits you, followed by the feeling of someone watching you. Some people living nearby have even reported hearing horrifying growls and screams in the middle of the night.

The screams were so loud on one occasion that the police were called to investigate. After entering the forest, they reported hearing whispers and voices with glimpses of weird shadows; they were so scared they fled the forest in terror. When they later filed their report to their superiors, it stated: “There was no criminal activity in there, but whatever it was, it made sure we won’t come back.”

The following day, the two policemen had severe migraines, nausea and noticed unexplained burn marks on their bodies. The incident was apparently not made widely public so as not to alarm the public about the forests Paranormal activity.


The main focus for paranormal activity enthusiasts is a perfectly shaped circle of dead vegetation deep in the forest. Nothing will grow on the spot. Soil samples have been taken from this area and analysed, and the results were very unusual. Apparently, an unknown substance was found that was too toxic to allow anything to germinate.

Speculation is rife, and many ufologists believe the circle is a landing spot for the many UFO’s that have been witnessed in the area surrounding the forest, and the strange substance is the fuel that powers them.The first picture taken of a UFO near the Hoia-Baciu Forest, was in 1968 when Emil Barnea captured a mysterious flying disc object in the sky.

Over the years the number of UFO sightings and orbs has increased, and locals believe that a fully grown tree that was ripped out of the ground by its roots, was the work of extraterrestrial beings. The tree was dumped, and when it was inspected by experts they had no explanation for the precision cuts made to its branches, and the bits missing from it, leading to speculation that the tree had been dissected by otherworldly beings for research purposes!

The last credible UFO recording was in 2002 captured by two Cluj citizens who lived on the top floor of a building situated on the outskirts of Manastur. They filmed the UFO for about 27 seconds, and described it as a bright long object in the sky, shaped like a cigarette with a length of around 50 meters. The object ascended and went across the sky until it disappeared into a mass of clouds.

Although this video is not in English, check out the supposed UFO over the forest at 7:00…

1The Bride

This is probably one of the most creepy and saddest stories surrounding the forest.

It is said that a bride to be and her fiancé were walking in the forest when she inexplicably stopped and started walking in the other direction. He didn’t notice at first, and when he realised she wasn’t walking with him, he turned round, but she was gone. A search party was sent out, but not a trace was found of her, the woman was never found. In memory of his future wife, her fiancé and family put up a memorial cross close to where she went missing.

However, it is said the bride to be haunts the forest, and she has been spotted in a wedding dress wandering the forest in search of her fiance. The ghost has been named locally as the bride and only shows herself to other women and not men.

It is also believed that there are two trees in Hoia-Baciu Forest that are heart shaped, and written on their trunks are the names of the lovelorn couple. There is also thought to be a recording of the bride walking alone along the side of the forest filmed by a local resident, although the footage has never been released to the public.

However, the ghost is not to be feared, as witnesses have said she is friendly, and in particular appears before young children smiling and waving at them…

These are just five of the many stories and legends surrounding the Hoia-Baciu Forest. There are many more to be discovered but one thing is for sure, whatever the forest is hiding when you enter it something doesn’t feel right! I have been to the forest, and I can tell you that the claims about the sudden impact of anxiety and a sensation of being watched are true. The feeling is one of the most unsettling experiences ever…

It has to be one of the strangest and eeriest places in Europe and if you are a paranormal enthusiast, it is well worth paying a visit. If you Dare!