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Knock Knock, Who’s There? – A Story Shared by Top5s Top Woman

19 Sep 2017

I’ve never really gone looking for anything supernatural and was a very innocent child growing up, with no interest – or knowledge whatsoever in anything paranormal, nor was I surrounded by anything of that nature… (Heck I only managed to watch the Disney movie ‘The Black Cauldron’ all the way through when I was 16!), but I have had a few bizarre experiences…

This particular experience I am sharing happened many years ago, at a guess I was probably around 7-8 years old, though has always stayed with me, a paranormal memory that sticks out above all others… one that baffles me to this very day…

I was taking a bath one evening while my grandparents were watching T.V downstairs. As usual, I had my toys (barbies or something) in the bath with me and vividly remember being led on my front playing with them in the water. Then it happened. As I was contently playing, I was suddenly disturbed by the feeling of 3 firm knocks on my head. Nothing had fallen, nothing made a sound, nothing was above me… Everything was silent. I remember the feeling very well and can only describe each ‘knock’ as if someone were knocking on a front door with a slight pause between them.

I remember pausing for a few seconds; I just froze, I didn’t look around out of fear (like when you don’t want to come out from under the covers after you hear a strange noise in the middle of the night). But, after eventually looking around and realising no one was there, all windows were closed and the bathroom door firmly shut, I just started crying… I screamed and shouted for my nan, although it took her a while to hear me from downstairs and over the volume of the T.V.

When she finally burst through the bathroom door, probably expecting me to have hurt myself, she was frantically trying to find out what was wrong. I explained to her exactly what had happened although she found it quite difficult to believe – but even she still remembers the incident to this day… so it wasn’t a dream!

Looking back on the whole ordeal it seems to have happened in slow motion, and I still can’t think of any logical explanation for the ‘knocks’ on my head.

It does play on my mind every now and then, especially when I find myself in a conversation about the supernatural prompting the memory to resurface. It’s something you don’t forget. 

I often wonder, if I hadn’t screamed, if I hadn’t cried, would whatever or whoever was there reached out or shown themselves?

Then I think to myself… If I ever had an experience like this again, what would I do now? To be honest, I would probably freak out just the same… the unknown is scary to me, although, whatever it was, I don’t think it meant any harm…

I would love to hear any explanations you can offer or if you’ve experienced something similar?


Top5s Top Woman


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